So follow our travels from "The Beginning" until now "wherever that may be".

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rain and Cold

Well folks it has rained for the last two days.  Yesterday it rained continuously without a break.  And today, although there is some sunshine it is cold.  There is some wind and it just cuts right thru you.  I had to walk the dog earlier so I experienced it.  She may get a very short walk tonight.

Bob is still not working.  We are still waiting for the doctor's form to be sent back to Amazon.  With any luck, it will get finished up this afternoon.  Let's hope, hope hope!  And let's also hope the doctor doesn't mess him up.  If he doesn't get to work we may need to find out how to apply for foodstamps.  Anybody know?  No, I'm kidding.  We'll make it but we'll sure have to tighten the belt.  We put 4 new tires on the rig last month and our RV/Truck insurance is due the first part of January.  Between the two, money is taking a bit hit.

Not much going on right now.  I'm off today.  I work 4 five hour shifts with 3 days off.  This is my 3rd day so it's back to work for me tomorrow.  Then Sunday, I will start to work 4 ten hour shifts with 3 days off.  That will last until overtime kicks in and then it will be 5 ten hour shifts with 2 days off.  Oh well, need the money as I already explained.

So long for now.  Hopefully will get some pictures taken eventually.  I think I'm going to pick up a good book and start to reading.

Later, Judy

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Well everyone I swear I did a post since the last one showing.  Guess I didn't.  Well the parts did arrive and we got our RV fixed good as new.  It was done at Sunshine RV and Trailer in Sheperdsville, KY.  They really went out of the way to make sure we met our date at Amazon.  We got there on a Monday and left there on Saturday.  And, they did really good work.  So, if you other RVers are passing thru there and need some work done, stop by and visit them.  They did us right.  We even parked in their parking lot while we there. 

So we actually arrived in Campbellsville 6 days early but that's better than late.  This extra time gave us a chance to get "home" set up and rest a little.  We did make a day trip up to Bardstown, KY and visited with Bob's sister, neice and her husband.  It was a Sunday so we went really early and went to church at the Bascilica there.  It sure was pretty and we had a good service experience.

On Nov 7th we started with Amazon.  They had a "meet and greet" for us that day along with sandwiches and other refreshments.  We met other workampers starting with us, got our shift and department assignments and learned our schedules, etc.  Then the next day we spent the day in orientation and safety school.  On Wednesday, we did job training - both in the classroom and on the floor.  Thought things were really going well. However, they have strict security here when you leave the building so if you have any metal implants you have to apply for a waiver for the metal detector.  Well, Bob has an Implanted Cardiac Defibilator so he gave them his verification card for them to copy, etc.

On Thursday, we went in to work and were promptly escorted to the HR office.  They are all worked up because he has a heart defibulator and they're afraid he shouldn't be working in their warehouse environment.  He's not operating a welder or a weedeater so there really isn't a problem.  Guess this is something they are not familiar with.  Anyway, they sent him back home and wouldn't let him work.  They supposedly faxed a form to his doctor in Tuscaloosa for completion and when they get this back a determination will be made as to whether he will be allowed to work.  So right now, it is just me working and it could end up being that way for the time we are here.  Needless to say, he is upset.

We are staying at Heartland RV Park and can see Amazon from it.  Therefore, the plan is to walk back and forth to work like we did at Adventureland.  So far, the park has had one covered dish supper which we attended and met some other people and we stayed and played "Card Bingo".  It was our first time to ever play this game but we had a lot of fun and laughs.  They are planning a Thanksgiving dinner for us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The park will be furnishing the turkey and all the eating supplies with each camper bringing a dish.  They're even having two serving times to accomodate everyone - both night and day shifts.  We're on night shift so our time to eat will be at 3:30 PM.  Yum, Yum, Good!

The weather here is a little chilly and I have a feeling it is going to get colder.  Not exactly the 72 degrees we said we were going to maintain.  We understand that last year they had snow and an ice storm while the workampers were here.  There's also been a lot of wind since we've been here.  Bob said the wind here is jut preparing us for the wind in New Mexico when we get there - blows all the time.  We should be there sometime between Jan 5th and Jan 10th.  Will have to go back thru Tuscaloosa on the way for Bob to see his cardiologist.  These doctors can be a problem sometimes. 

Well, not much else to say.  There's really not alot going on.  Will keep you informed about what happens between Bob and Amazon.



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waiting on Parts

Well everyone the parts are ordered to fix our RV.  We are currently sitting at Sunshine RV & Trailer in Shepherdsville, KY waiting on our parts to arrive.  As soon as they do, our RV will be next to be worked on and hopefully get us to Campbellsville, KY to work for Amazon by Nov. 4th.  They have provided 30 AMP electrical hook-up for us and filled our tank with water.  However, the waste holding tanks are a big concern for us.  Let's hope we make it.  Have figured out how to conserve the gray but the "black" is another question.

We left Tuscaloosa, AL on October 23rd, spent the night at Wallyworld Campground in Fayetteville, TN and then came on into where we are on Monday.  And, here we sit.
Nothing much else going on.

We have pretty much used up our internet plan for the current month so will not be posting again until Nov. 9th when a new month starts.  Will try to catch up on everything at that time.

Later, Judy

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Folks, We are still alive!!!

Yes, everyone, we are still alive.  Will try to catch you up on this blog in a short summary.

We left Iowa on Septemeber 27th and ended up in Branson, MO on September 29th after a one night stop in Sedalia, MO.  Spent five nights at Branson and saw three shows.  We're cheapskates so the shows were not named stars, just little tributes.  However, they were very good and we enjoyed them very much.  We saw "Tribute to Marty Robbins", "Tribute to John Denver", and "Tribute to Hank Williams, Sr.".  Bob liked the last one best and I liked the first one best.  We never like the same thing. The only pictures we took were of some of the shows so  won't bore you with them.  While there, Bob noticed that we had a tire on the RV wearing significantly.  This alarmed him but he decided we could make it on to our next stop, Dumas, AR.  While traveling he stopped and checked the tire several times and said that he thought it would be fine.  During this leg of our trip we came thru the Ozark Mountains and realized how beautiful they really were.  I got a couple of good pictures which I will try to post at a later time.
Can't seem to locate them today.

We made it to Dumas where we spent 3 nights on the Arkansas River.  For those of you who have followed us from the beginning, you may remember that we stayed there a week (without cell phone service) on our journey up to Iowa.  Nice little campground but no sewer hookup.  After checking the tire again, Bob was confident that we should be all right to go all the way in to Tuscaloosa, Al before dealing with tires.  So, on Thursday, October 6th, we left Arkansas for Jackson, MS to spend some time with our youngest son.  We had a great visit with him and I have a couple of pictures from there that were taken when we met the parents of his deceased significant other for lunch.

Then, on Sunday, October 9th, we left Jackson completely confident that our tire would be O.K.  Well guesswhat!  It wasn't.  About 50 miles west of Tuscaloosa on I-20 there was a loud explosion and we had suffered a blow out.  Had to pull off and call AAA and consequently were delayed until after dark getting in to Deerlick Creek campground and into our campsite.  If any of you have ever been there, then you know what that must have been like.  Not fun!!  Besides the delay, we suffered damage to our RV.  I have pictures and have posted them below.

Since arriving in Tuscaloosa, it has been one doctor's appointment after another.  We have had two free days since arriving - Monday, Oct. 10th and Wednesday, Oct.19th.  Believe me we needed those to catch up at home and rest a little.  Of course, you have to combine all these doctor's appointments with rig repairs.  We had the truck in the shop one day to repair a power steering leak and the RV was in the alignment shop another day.  We didn't want to buy tires until we knew all the alignment, etc, was in good condition.  And, then we had to have tires put on the RV.  They had to be ordered so we spent one night in the Tire store parking lot.  But all worked out and we now have 4 new tires on the fifth wheel.  Hope we're good to go.

We were supposed to have left T-town yesterday but when Bob saw Dr. Hill, his cardiologist, on Thursday he put a kink in things.  We were just lucky that the campground had had some cancellations that morning and we were able to extend our stay two more nights.  This is football game weekend.  Dr. Hill is not crazy about what we are doing and I think he thinks we're crazy for doing this.  Back in March before we left, he cautioned us to stay out of rural areas and stay near big cities.  So, Thursday, when Bob saw him, he decided he needed to do a further test.  Luckily, we were able to get it scheduled Friday morning about 8:00 AM.  We were there all morning for a nuclear stress test.  And, we won't get the complete results until sometime next week.  However, the Nurse Practitioner called us Friday afternoon with a preliminary report that nothing had changed since they had performed this same test two years ago.  Everything still looked the same.  She said her "guess" was that he would order nothing further.  So, we're banking that is what will happen and we will be leaving tomorrow for KY.  We need to get the tire blow out damage to our RV fixed before we start to work for on Nov. 6th.  No one in the Tuscaloosa area could get this done in our time frame.  But, in Kentucky they can.  Don't really understand the difference but the shop in Kentucky is getting the work.  If we have misguessed Dr. Hill, then we'll deal with that at that time.  After all, God is in charge, not us.  And when I refer to luck, I really mean God.

And here are some pictures:

Front lower panel missing between wheel well and steps.

Part of Mor/ryde fender skirt missng along with scratched up remaining part.

More of the Mor/ryde fender showing scratches and screws missing to hold it on.  Bob is putting some temporary screws in until we can get to KY to hold it in place.

Undercover torn and inslation hanging out.

Undercover torn with insulation hanging out.
Back of hotel at entrance to Adventureland Campground along with the lake.
Look closely and you can see the ducks and geese.  Had lots of them.

Campground Office as you approach the campground.

Casino across from the campground as shown from the entance to the campground.

Bob and I with Sonny and Cloma Magnum.  This is a real neat place in Mendenhall, MS to have lunch.

Keih and Bob with Sonny and Cloma.  We really had a good time here.
 And so that's it for this post.  I know I keep promising to post more often but hopefully will now.

Regards, Judy & Bob

Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing at Last!

Well, yes, we are playing some at last.  The park closed daily operations on August 21st so have only been working weekends since.

After Amana Colonies which is a previous post, we went to the Omaha, Nebraska Zoo on a chartered bus with other Adventureland Workampers.  It was a long trip but we enjoyed it.  However, we thought the food was a little expensive.  Two hamburgers with fries cost us $20.00 inside the zoo.  After we left the zoo we went downtown to the "old market district" where we split up and had dinner.  The group we ate with ended up at a restaurant called "Stokes".  Again, we thought it a little pricey except for the $2.99 margaritas which most of us indulged in.  After all, no one was driving.  Here is a picture of the group and also of Bob enjoying himself.  Sorry about the pictures being a little blurred.

Part of the group.  That's our HR Manager at the end.

Bob is having a good time!
 Then, we went with the Adventureland group sponsored trip to Prairie Meadows, a horse racing track across from our campground.  We had the enclosed trackside pavillion ad they served us Hamburgers or Brats with Potato Salid, Baked Beans and all the trimmings.  We even had our own private wage taker.  I even got to be in a picture at the Winner's Circle.  Bob and I didn't do so well with our bets.  Horse race betting is not for us.  It was quarterhorse racing and I learned that the reason they are called quarterhorses is because they run for a quarter of a mile.  Anyway it only cost us about $20.00 so not bad for an evening out.  Sorry, but I don't have any pictures.

Today, Bob and I drove over to Winterset, Iowa, where we found 5 of the 6 covered bridges that are still standing.  These are "The Bridges of Madison County" book and movie.  We really enjoyed it but they all looked just alike except for their length and their surroundings.  We also found the "Stone Schoolhouse" which was build in the 1800's.  For lunch we went downtown to the Northside Cafe (across from the courthouse) wich was built in 1876 in the same location it is still operating.  The food was not good.  Or, at least what we ordered wasn't.  Maybe we ordered the wrong things.  Anyway, our recommendation is if you ever get there just to go by and see the cafe and find somewhere else to eat.  If all the food was like ours how have they suvived all these years.  And, we also rode by the "Birthplace of John Wayne".  Really had a great day.  Below are some picures which we took.

Cedar Bridge

John Wayne's Birthplace

Hogback Bridge

Cedar Bridge w/Bob

Power Supply for lights at Hogback Bridge

Hogback Bridge

Holliwell Bridge

Front & Entrance to Northside Cafe

Inside of Northside Cafe

Roseman Bridge W/ Bob exiting
Stone Schoolhouse

Bathroom at Stone Schoolhouse

Street in downtown Winterset

Imes Bridge

Roseman Bridge

In between having fun, we have been busy cleaning and repairing and getting ready to "Hitch-up" probably on Sept. 27th.  It's cold here.  The high today was in the low 50's so it's time to go south.

Later, Judy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Amana Colonies

Yesterday we drove the approx. 80 miles to the Amana Colonies.  This is a group of 7 villages which were German communes.  They hold the record for the longest lasting communes in the U.S.  They owned 25,000 acres of land and were a religious group which migrated from Germany. 

The history there is very interesting but we were disappointed in the existing villages - no longer communes but stock holder owned.  They have become more or less tourist traps like other tourist areas with the same stuff being sold in their stores and wineries.

We did have a great German lunch at Ronnie's which is one of the original German communal kitchens.  However, it has been upgraded and decorated to appeal to the tourist.  I had saurbraten served with kraut, pan fried potatoes and the best green beans I have ever eaten.  I had a luncheon platter but it was enough to feed a horse.  Bob had a German sandwich with french fries.  He wasn't as daring as I.  We ate at Ronneburgs and I have a picture below. 

We mainly visited the main colony of Amana but drove thru 5 of the others with a stop in Homestead.  We actually only missed one colony - East Amana.

We took the interstate over but came back on old US Highway 6.  We wanted to see east Iowa as it realy was.  That being, one corn field after another with an alfalfa field occasionally thrown in.  I am amazed at how neat and clean the farms are.  Nothing like we are used to in Alabama.

The architecture in the colonies was interesting and we enjoyed seeing the old buildngs that are still there.

When we got home, we stopped at "The Big Steer" and picked up ribs to go.  Oh was it delicious.  I bet I gained 10 pounds yesterday.  Today, we have done not much of anything.  I put out fealers for a winter and a summer camp host or workamping job.

Well that's about it.  We will be working the next two days so won't post again until Monday.


Ronnieburg's Restaurant in Amana

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We made it!

Yes, we made it thru the 13 weeks of daily operations at Aventureland Park.  We are down to weekends only now.  There were times when we didn't think we would make it so think long and hard before you commit to a summer here.  August 21st ended the daily park hours and were we glad to get to stop working 6 days a week.

Our last day of work here will be Sept. 25th and we will be leaving the next day, Sept. 26th - at least sometime that day.  We are hoping to do a little sightseeing now that we have time.  Tomorrow Bob and I are planning a day trip to the Amana Colonies, if all goes well.  Next week we are going to the Omaha Zoo on a bus trip sponsored by Adventureland.  In between we are trying to catch up on stuff that is way behind.  I actually defrosted the freezer and cleaned out the refrigerator today.

A couple of weeks ago, we actually went over to the park as guests (free to us).  Rode two or three rides but mostly had corn dogs and a funnel cake.  We did take a few pictures so they are posted below.  We won't be posting again until Friday, so enjoy.

Later, Judy

Bob by the river!

Geese & ducks in the river!

Street scene by the river!

Here comes the train!

Balloon Ride

One of the many ponds


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work Accident

O.K.  We promised to get back to posting more often.  So, here we are.

Bob got banged up in a work accident last Sunday night.  He was working on the sky lift unloading riders when a 7 year old little girl riding alone didn't listen to her instructions.  As she got off the chair she went right but after her chair had gotten by decided to run across the turn around area of the ride right in front of an incoming chair.  So Bob and his co-worker took off after her and were both knocked down by the ride.  The little girl was saved but both of them suffered injuries.  Bob was the lucky one as he was knocked out of the path of the chair but did sustained an ugly skinned up knee.  The other knee was skinned as well as an arm and shoulder pain.  But he is O.K.  His co-worker was knocked unconsious and remained unconsious for several minutes as he was knocked down in front of the ride and it went over him.  He was hauled off by an ambulance.  He did suffer a concussion but was just treated in the ER and released with a list of things to watch for.

Yesterday was our off day, so we did go to the casino for breakfast but didn't hang around.  We left.  Bob had been at the doctor's office for fasting blood work prior to breakfast so we pigged out with the food.  It's very good there and so cheap.  For seniors it is only $4.50 each and that includes our coffee as well as Bob's orange juice.

We both got hair cuts as we were tired of the shaggy dog look, stopped at a vegetable stand and then Wal Mart.  At the veg truck we bought fresh "Grimes" sweet corn, a large cantalope grown here in Iowa as well as some tomatoes.  We ate some of all of it for supper last night.  Sure was good.  Bob had been craving an Alabama vegetable plate.  Wasn't quite that but good anyway.  Haven't seen any okra here nor back-eyed peas.  Did find some yellow squash at Wal Mart but no idea where it was grown.  And bought black-eyed peas frozen by "McKenzies".

I spent some time last night visiting with our next door neighber.  We work different shifts and in different departments so we seldom see each other.  Spent about an hour last night sitting out and catching up - At least she and I did.  Sure was nice.  They are full timers from Oklahoma.

This morning we've been lazy.  Fixing to eat lunch  and start getting ready for work.  We work 3:40 PM till 9:00 PM.  It's overcast here today so hope it stays that way.

Hope all is well out there in "reader land".  Later,


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camping at Aventureland

Well, since we last posted another 11 days has gone by.  We are working and working. Got 4 more weeks before the park goes back to weekends only.  Looking forward to that.  Don't think we'll try this again.  But, that's what this is about - seeing new signts and experiencing new things.  Believe me this is an experience.  Didn't know we were so sheltered back in Alabama.  This has been an eye opener.

 Did go back for breakfast at the Casino last Tuesday but this time we decided to give the slots a try.  Bob did good but I lost all he won.  Oh well, don't need to do that again.

I have finally taken some pictures, just a few, of the campground here.

Berry is taking Bob for a walk.  That's our RV so they are almost back home.

A view of part of the campground

The swimming pool and activity center

Another picture of part of the campground.

And another!

"Mollie" the trolley
 It finally got summertime here last week.  It was "hot"!

That's about it for now.  Until later,


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been a long, long time

It's been a long, long time since we last posted.  I just haven't been able to keep up with life lately.  We're still at Adventureland Amusement Park and working our "butts" off.  We are working six days per week for about 35 to 37 hours per week.  The agreement was 32 hours so we're starting to request a day off each week.  That will put us at 5 days per week for 32 to 35 hrs per week.  We are so tired that we can't force ourselves to do anything - just work.  Yesterday was our day off and we did go across the road to the Casino for senior breakfast day.  We had a great breakfast for $4.50 each and then promptly left.  We actually found a mall, too.  I needed some new shoes.  Mission was accomplised.

Since we last posted, we had a death in the family in June and had to take a week off and make a trip to Jackson, MS.  That was a tough trip and I think the energy loss from that trip is part of our problem of being so tired now.  I don't think we've gotten over that yet.

It's time to get ready to go to work, so guess I had better scoot.

Will try to start doing better with my posts.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

We're Still Alive!

In case you've been wondering, we are still alive.  Just working alot of hours as the park is shorthanded right now.  They are short about 50 to 75 workampers this year so they're having to fill in with local students who are just now getting out of school.  We started to work here last Saturday, May 21st.  Last Saturday and Sunday we just worked our regular shifts for now from 1:40 PM until 6.  And then, came Monday and the double shifts.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we worked what is called a double shift which is 9:40 AM until 6:00 PM.  You work 4 hours on one ride and then change to your regular ride at 2:00 PM.  Friday finally came and we were OFF.  Believe me it was none too soon. This Saturday and Sunday, the PM shift is working 1:40 until 9:00 PM.  Tomorrow the PM goes back to the 6:00 PM ending time but we'll probably we asked to work doubles again.  Hopefully not, we're tired.

Judy (me) took a bad fall yesterday.  I fell into the log fume river while the logs were moving and the belt was turning.  I've got to start remembering that I have a "bum" foot/ankle and can't do everything other people can do when it comes to my foot.  I scared everybody to death that was working with me but I'm O.K. except for being sore and bruised in several places.

To make matters worse, I already had a sore arm with a big bruise from working on the Sky ride.  I'm just a mess!

Bob has been working the Galion and operating it by himself.  We've also worked the Sky lift during the morning and I've ran the kiddie ride, "Red Baron".  He has also assisted on the "Silo".  I worked on the roller coaster ride called the "Dragon" one morning but it was down for maintenance so all I did that morning was sit on a park bench by the entrance and tell people it was closed for now.  I'd like to have another morning like that one.

So, there's not much going on with us right now.  We're planning to try to do some more sightseeing on our next day off.  We had to catch up our shopping this past Friday and I had to get a hair cut.  I won't need one of those again for awhile.  She scalped me.  I literally look like a man.  Won't go there again.

However, we are still enjoying ourselves and loving the RV lifestyle.  Will try not to go so long before posting again.

Later, Judy

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This lifestyle is great!

Well, here it is Tuesday night in Altoona, Iowa.  Not alot going on. We did our weekly shopping today and Bob bought materials to make me a portable clothesline.  If you leave your wearing clothes in the combo washer/dryer until they are completely dry they are wrinkled.  So we take them out and hang them before they finished drying.

The only thing I can say about this lifestyle is we love it!  I feel like a different person without all the stress of a "real" job and a "stix & bric" house.  What took us so long to decide we could do this.  We've met all kinds of people with varied backgrounds and job histories.

On Saturday, we actually start to work.  I, Judy, will be an assistant operator on the log flume.  I guess that means I probably will have a wet afternoon.  Sure hope the weather is warm.  Bob will be operating the Gileon.  We understand that is a big boat replica that swings back and forth.  We understand that we change rides every week.  Tomorrow we actually will tour the entire park and see everything.  Afterwards, there is a big dinner for all the workampers put on by the park.  All we have to do is "enjoy".  Then Thursday we will actually have our training for the rides.  That's an all day affair.

I might add that we have been offered jobs for the Christmas season at in Kentucky.  We'll start sometime in November and work thru December 23rd.  I understand it's hard work so hope we'll be able to handle it.  Afterwards we'll just travel for the next 3 or 4 months somewhere that's warm.

I want everyone back in Tuscaloosa, AL, to know that we are praying for them and hope that people are starting to recover from the disaster.  It's amazing that at most of the churches we have attended on our journey, the tornado victims in the south are being remembered in prayer.  It really softens your heart to know that people all over care about what happened.  We will be back there in October and I know things will not look the same. 

For you who are aware of Bob's health problems, I want to add that last week he had blood work and it came back good and then he had to transmit his Internal Cardiac Defibilator history for the past 5 weeks and there was nothing bad that showed up.  Absolutely no problems had occurred and his fluid levels were good.  God is with us on this journey!

One thing we're having to get used to here is it doesn't get dark until 9:00 PM or after.  Supper time and bed time just slip up on us.  It's taking some getting used too.  But it allows us to enjoy the outdoors longer.  I guess that's about all I can think of to say.

So, I'll see you later!


P.S.  Still promise to take some pictures here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunburned in Iowa!

Yes, I have gotten myself sunburned in Iowa.  It did get hot.  Monday and Tuesday were extremely hot and we went to the baseball game on Monday which started at 12:04 PM and I got sunburned.  Had on a baseball cap but that wasn't enough coverage.  And on top of that the Iowa Cubs lost the game:  8 to 1.  Yes, the New Orleans Zephers beat the Iowa cubs by 7 runs.  Surprised I haven't heard from my youngest son who lives in New Orleans.  Thanks, Keith, for not rubbing it in.

But, today it is raining and I think the temperatures are supposed to drop back down a little bit but thanks for a couple days of warmth.  Last Saturday we attended the Tulip festival and had a good time.  The only dutch food we ate were two pastries from the bakery - pig in a blanket and a dutch letter.  Bob liked both but I didn't care for "pig in a blanket" but the "dutch letter" was delicious. 

This week is kind of slow as far as our work goes.  We got our beginning assignment yesterday.  On the 21st & 22nd, we will be working 1:40 to 6:00 PM.  Have orientation and training all next week before we start along with a tour and a big supper with all the food furnished by Adventureland.  It's O.K. cause Bob's medical stuff needed to be done this week.  He had his Pro Tyme done yesterday and we're still waiting on the results.  Then tomorrow he has to find a land line phone and call in his ICD report.  Plus, we went shopping yesterday for our work shoes - found some at Bass Pro Shop. This was much better than having to drive in to Des Moines.  His blood work was also done here by a walk-in clinic who didn't require that we see one of their doctors. 

Not much going on that would be interesting to read about.  We're very comfortable here and close to everything we need.  The Adventureland Campground sits between the Adventureland Amusement Park and a casino & horseracing track.  No, we haven't been over there yet.  We're doing good and everything is going well.  Will try to share some pictures in a few days.

Later, Judy

Friday, May 6, 2011

Arrived at Adventureland Campground

Hope spring has arrived for you.  Well for us it has been slow.  We arrived here at Adventureland Campground in Altoona, Iowa, last Sunday only to find more cold weather and extreme wind.  It has really been cold until yesterday when it finally warmed up a little bit and then today it has been beautiful with a high in the low 70's.  However, late this afternoon the wind has picked back up.

Spent most of the week getting settled in and then attended a WK potluck supper last night.  It was very nice and we met a few other couples.  This morning then we had to attend our WK Welcome meeting and learn all the rules.  We got our name tags this morning and our uniforms as well as met with the supervisor of rides.  If we keep up this walking we should lose some weight.  Hope!  Hope!

This afternoon we visited with the couple next door and just caught up some busy work like posting on this blog.  Sorry it has been so long.

Tomorrow, we plan to travel to Pella, Iowa (yes, Pella windows) and attend their Tulip festival and then Monday we will be going to a picnic lunch at the ball park and watch the Iowa Cubs play New Orleans.  Of course, Sunday we will attend church.

The campground here is really nice and we can get packages and mail here with no problem.  And we have not only good internet and phone service but Bob had no problems setting up the satellite dish so we also have good TV.  Just like in a stick house.

Hopefully I will soon be able to get out and take some pictures to post so you can see where we are, etc.  So, until later,


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunshine at last!

Yesterday the sun came thru and we had a beautiful day.  Bob, I and Berry took a nice long hike thru the woods.  It really felt great to be out in the fresh air.  Poor Berry was dragging by the time we got back but she weighs 50 #s and that's too heavy for either one of us. And, when we got back to the entrance to the trail, they had it blocked off with a sign that said to stay out because of a special hunt going on.  Well I guess we were prime targets.  Today the sun came out again but we took a shorter and easier walk.  Stayed on the pavement.

We have learned that mushroom hunting is very popular here in this part of Missouri.  The mushrooms look like an ice cream cone and you find them in the woods and likely on a south facing hill.  Everyone we meet wants to know if we've been mushroom hunting and we say "no" because this concept is new to us.  Last night our new neighbors on one side of us came over and joined us at our campfire.  They are from here in Missouri and they soon asked us if we had been "mushroom hunting".  She said she had been that afternoon and had some so she goes to their camper and brings back 3 mushrooms and says here you take these.  Well this gave us an idea what they looked like - an ice cream cone is their shape and the top (ice cream) looks like a sponge.  She proceeded to tell me how to cook them - good old southern cooking - you dip them in egg, then roll them in a flour/salt mixture and fry them.  Well today for lunch, I cooked mushrooms and they turned out well.  Tasted yum, yum like something I've eaten before but I can't place what it is.  I have pictures of the mushrooms posted at the bottom.

Oh yes, I finally took some pictures of here.  You can see them below with the mushrooms.  Today is our last day here.  We will be moving to Altoona, Iowa tomorrow to the Adventureland Campground where we will be spending the summer while we work at Adventureland Amusement Park.  Pray for us a safe trip.


Our 3 mushrooms

See how big they are.

View from our back window

Our Patio Area

Nice big wide campsites

View of us from the road

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Everyone, may I ask you to pray for the people of Alabama.  Tuscaloosa is where we call home.  We still have our house there which is leased for three years but believe it to be O.K. from what news we can gather.  Having a hard time getting in touch with people there.

Now, you know how I feel right now.  I've been complaining about the rain and the cold and now I thank God that that is all we've had to contend with.  Were in Arkansas when the tornados hit there but we were far enough away from the damaged spots that we were fine.  Just had a lot of wind.  And now, not only the people of Tuscaloosa but other areas of Alabama are having to contend with loss of homes, loss of services and even death.

We are presently located at Indian Creek COE Campground on Mark Twain lake in Missouri about 30 miles SE of Hannibal.  Will be leaving here Sunday for Adventureland Campground in Altoona, Iowa near Des Moines. Our 14 days will be up here.

Very windy here today but we actually do have sunshine.  Maybe I can get some pictures taken.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain, rain, rain!

Yes, I'm complaining about the weather again.  It has rained and rained and rained here.  We have a beautiful campsite and can't take advantage of it.  It's either raining, too cold or both.  Hence, we have taken no pictures.

We have been busy since my last post.  Monday, we met with the main person over the Shelby County, MO, historical society.  We did get a lot of info from her but I haven't had time to decipher it all.  Tuesday, Bob had to have a Pro-Tyme blood test so we drove to Hannibal to the hospital there.  That was the closest place to have it done.  So, spent the day in Hannibal - went to Grandlawn Cemetery, ate lunch at Mark Twain Diner for the second time (ate there Saturday also), went to Wal Mart and got haircuts as well as did some shopping and got gas at Murphy's with a gift card to save 3 cents per gallon.  Today, we have been busy cleaning - me inside and Bob outside.  This was really past due so decided it was time to lay low and do some cleaning.  Hope to do the same tomorrow. Don't want to arrive in Des Moines behind with everything.

Sunday, we will be leaving for Altoona, Iowa, outside Des Moines.  And, we are supposed to have thunderstorms here.  That will make for a great travel day.  Don't mean to sound so down but I'm tired of rain and cold weather.

That's about it for now,


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  Yes, Christ did rise from the grave and walks with us.  We attended an 8:00 Mass this morning (we had to get up and hustle) at a very rural church but it was packed.  We really enjoyed the service there at St. Stephens.  We did Stations of the Cross with them on Friday afternoon and I think there were 25 people at that.

Yesterday we went to Hannibal, MO.  It's about 30 miles from our campground.  We did the downtown historic Mark Twain stuff and really enjoyed it.  Had lunch down there also - at Mark Twain Diner.  The food was delicious and lots of it with a cheap price.  I recommend it if you are ever in that area.  Didn't make it out to the cave but think we're planning to try to go back one day next week - possibly Tuesday.

And, let me say one more thing - it's still cold!  However, yesterday was very nice.  It got up in the 60's and we actually saw some sun.  Don't think that is going to happen today.  And as an end to a great day, we actually had a campfire last night.

Loving this lifestyle!

For now,


Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Still Cold!

Well, we're still here at Indian Creek and it is still cold, along with a lot of rain and cloudiness.  However, we're getting a lot of genealogy research accomplished anyway.  Have found a couple of interesting items.  We took today off and was going sightseeing this morning down to Mark Twain's birthplace.  But, we were having thunderstorms (had them all night) so stayed in this morning.  We will be going out this afternoon to "Stations of the Cross" at a very old, 1837, catholic church just down the road from the campground.  We plan to also attend mass there on Sunday morning.  Really looking forward to that.  Weather permitting tomorrow we plan to drive in to Hannibal and sightsee as well as go to their library.  And, maybe we can go down to Mark Twain's birthplace in Florida (not sunny Florida), Mo, on Sunday afternoon.  Will be meeting with the lady who is over the historical society for Shelby County, MO on Monday.  She has lots of stuff for us to go through.  And then, Bob has to have a Pro Tyme blood test so got to find a place to have that done.  This is very, very rural here so may have to go back to Hannibal.  If so, guess we'll do that Tuesday and not on Monday when the doctor said.  Guess one day won't matter too much!  This is exactly the kind of area that his cardiologist told him to stay out of when we told him what we were going to do - full time in our RV.  Oh well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him - but, guess it could hurt Bob.  We'll be back in city suburbs in a little over a week.

I see we have lost a follower.  I hope we have not said something that hurt your feelings.  If so, we apologize cause believe me it was not intentional.

No pictures right now as most of them are of tombstones and don't think you would be interested in them.

Now, my question is, "Whatever happened to the casual, layed back RV lifestyle?".  I think we still have to find it.  Got to slow down as I think we are trying to do to much in to little time.  Next Sunday, May 1st, we will be leaving here for Altoona, Iowa (near Des Moines) to get in place for our summer workcamping job which we are scheduled to start on May 21st.  Hope to have some time for sightseeing before we actually start.  That is exactly two months from the day we hit the road.

Until next time,


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brrrrrrr! It's cold outside.

Can't believe it's been six days since I last posted.  We are now in Indian Creek COE park outside Monroe City, MO with full hookups.  It's a beautiful site on the banks of Mark Twain Lake.  We have a great lake view and the site is very level.  Couldn't ask for better.  We got here Sunday and the weather was nice and then Monday things began to change.  The weather is quite chilly outside.  We have been working on Bob's genealogy since arriving here.  Monday, we spent the afternoon in Monroe City, pop 2500.  The library was nice and then we just looked around.  This afternoon we drove to Paris (not France) to the courthouse for Monroe County.  Really hit a prize on prooving who his great grandfather was.  His family is from Monroe City, Mo for the most part but Monroe City sits in three different counties so that doesn't help the research. How did they manage to split it up like that?  Beats me!

Before leaving Crowley's Ridge we did go to Rector, AR and visited my Aunt and Uncle plus cousin.  They really are getting elderly and its scary to think my aunt is only 10 1/2 years older than me.  While growing up, she was more like a sister than an aunt.
While at Crowley on Saturday afternoon we get a phone call from our youngest that a tornado had hit Tuscaloosa, AL (our hometown).  Called a neighbor of our house and was reassured that all was fine there.  But, still feel for the people who did get hit.

Will post pictures soon as to Indian Creek and surrounding area.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crowley's Ridge State Park, Paragould, AR

Today was a travel day.  We drove 200 miles and are now at Crowley's Ridge State Park at Paragould, AR, where we will be staying until Sunday.  It is an older park with only 30 AMP electrical service and no sewer.  The sites are rather small and the turn around at the end of our road which we had to use to approach our campsite properly was made for 20 foot RVs and not 38 foot ones being pulled by a Crew Cab LWB Duelly Truck. 

I checked the bathrooms and they are clean, just old.  The Mississippi State Parks and COE Parks have spoiled us.  However, when we got here today we discovered someone had helped themselves to our patio mat which we had folded up last night and placed in the bed of the truck in preparation for traveling today.  I hope they enjoy it.

While here we plan to visit my Aunt and Uncle who live in Rector, AR for an afternoon.  They are elderly and don't get out and I haven't seen them since my Mother died 9 1/2 years ago.  That is really the reason for our stop here.

It is very wooded and I am sure we will enjoy hiking some trails tomorrow.

More later,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blood Work & Shopping

Today, we had to go in to town for Bob to have his Pro-Tyme blood work done.  We went to the hospital down in McGehee because they also had a Wal Mart down there.  There is a hospital here in Dumas but no Wal Mart.  I understand a tornado got it and they never rebuilt.  But, the Wal Mart was definitely a disappointment.  To you readers back home, remember the old Winfield Wal Mart.  This one was the exact replica.  So ended up stopping at Piggly Wiggly here in Dumas on our way back to the campground.

We really haven't done much since we've been at Pendleton Bend except clean.  Bob has washed the truck as well as the entire RV including the roof.  I finally sewed him a hitch cover which I had been promising to do for months.  We drove to Pine Bluff on Saturday night and attended Mass.  Because of the distance we chose to do that rather than get up early Sunday morning and drive over there.  There is not a Catholic Church closer than there, abt 45 miles one way.  Otherwise, we have built a couple of campfires and walked along the river.  It sure is pretty.  Please see the pictures.

The Arkansas River as we walked along the bank.

The river looking back toward the US 165 bridge with Bob walking ahead.

Bob playing Daniel Boone chopping wood for a fire.