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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Everyone, may I ask you to pray for the people of Alabama.  Tuscaloosa is where we call home.  We still have our house there which is leased for three years but believe it to be O.K. from what news we can gather.  Having a hard time getting in touch with people there.

Now, you know how I feel right now.  I've been complaining about the rain and the cold and now I thank God that that is all we've had to contend with.  Were in Arkansas when the tornados hit there but we were far enough away from the damaged spots that we were fine.  Just had a lot of wind.  And now, not only the people of Tuscaloosa but other areas of Alabama are having to contend with loss of homes, loss of services and even death.

We are presently located at Indian Creek COE Campground on Mark Twain lake in Missouri about 30 miles SE of Hannibal.  Will be leaving here Sunday for Adventureland Campground in Altoona, Iowa near Des Moines. Our 14 days will be up here.

Very windy here today but we actually do have sunshine.  Maybe I can get some pictures taken.



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