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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brrrrrrr! It's cold outside.

Can't believe it's been six days since I last posted.  We are now in Indian Creek COE park outside Monroe City, MO with full hookups.  It's a beautiful site on the banks of Mark Twain Lake.  We have a great lake view and the site is very level.  Couldn't ask for better.  We got here Sunday and the weather was nice and then Monday things began to change.  The weather is quite chilly outside.  We have been working on Bob's genealogy since arriving here.  Monday, we spent the afternoon in Monroe City, pop 2500.  The library was nice and then we just looked around.  This afternoon we drove to Paris (not France) to the courthouse for Monroe County.  Really hit a prize on prooving who his great grandfather was.  His family is from Monroe City, Mo for the most part but Monroe City sits in three different counties so that doesn't help the research. How did they manage to split it up like that?  Beats me!

Before leaving Crowley's Ridge we did go to Rector, AR and visited my Aunt and Uncle plus cousin.  They really are getting elderly and its scary to think my aunt is only 10 1/2 years older than me.  While growing up, she was more like a sister than an aunt.
While at Crowley on Saturday afternoon we get a phone call from our youngest that a tornado had hit Tuscaloosa, AL (our hometown).  Called a neighbor of our house and was reassured that all was fine there.  But, still feel for the people who did get hit.

Will post pictures soon as to Indian Creek and surrounding area.


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