So follow our travels from "The Beginning" until now "wherever that may be".

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun Day

Monday was just a real fun day for the most part.  DH had a blood test appt in Gulfport at LabCorp in the morning so that is how we started our day.  From there we leisurely drove up US 90 (on the coast along the water) all the way to Biloxi.  There we found a special church in Bob's life.  It is St. Michael's right on US 90 and is round.  He was relieved to find it still there although it was apparent that repairs had recently been made.

Then we turned around and started back stopping at Mary Mahoney's for lunch.  It was a wonderful experience and we have done a separate post on this.  So go on down to our previous two postings.  Notice, I did say lunch and I would recommnend this for a great experience.  We then drove back stopping at Wal Mart.  If only we could stay out of there we might have some money.  They did repair my broken glasses for me for free.  So, I will recommend the Wal Mart in Waveland, MS.  However, by the time we checked out I felt like we had payed well for the repair.  Oh well, I guess they are just part of life.  We then returned home where I tackled our income taxes for the first time myself in several years.  It went very well, we hope.

Today is a lazy day just catching up on stuff.  Just because we live in an RV doesn't mean life doesn't still go on as usual - but no grass to cut.  Also, we're hoping to leave here tomorrow, weather permitting.  Thunderstorms are in the forecast SO WE WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE.

That's it for now.  Please read our review on Mary Mahoney's French House Fine Dining Restaurant below along with pictures we took yesterday.


Monday Pictures

Obviously this is the current sign at St. Michaels

This is St. Michaels on US 90 in Biloxi

Mary Mayhoney's, Biloxi, Ms.
This tree is named "Patriarch" as it is 200 years old.
The house (restaurant) was built in the 1700s.

Entranced from the street

Judy coming out of the restaurant into the courtyard.

Mary Mahoney's Old French House Restaurant

March 28,2011, yesterday, I took a very long step back in time.  About forty-two or three years ago in 1968 or 1969, I met a delightful gentleman, a retired Pastor from Biloxi, Mississippi, Father Mullin.  Father Mullin pastored at a most unique church building (at that time).  A building of which he oversaw the construction.  A huge structure totally round, with a domed roof and with stained glass windows that are three stories tall all around.  A sight to behold!  A church well known around the world because of news coverage it received.  St. Michaels has survived the ravages of hurricane Camille and near total destruction from Katrina.  It appears the Archangel is still defending.

Thru Father Mullin I met a person who was a member of his parish in Biloxi, Mississippi when she delivered to him in Pompano Beach, Fla., a brand new bright green Chevrolet automobile as a retirement gift for his long and devoted service to his parish.  Mary Mahoney was also the owner of one of the best known seafood restaurants on the gulf coast, Mary Mahoney's Old French House.  Yesterday, Judy and I visited St. Michael's and sadly it was locked and we could not enter the church.  We did take some pictures of the outside and if coaxed I have other stories to tell about St. Michael's and Hurricane Camille.

We also paid a visit to Mary Mahoney's.  The doors there were not locked and we were treated like "kinfolk" and to my surprise and delight it was the same old place with Mary's family members taking care of business.  As we entered I asked the Bartender if the Mahoney family was still involved with the restaurant and he said yes as he turned toward the restaurant entrance.  This is Bob, Mary's Son, coming to greet you.  I gave Bob the short version of what I've just given you and he then excused himself saying he was late for a golf game but had something he wanted to give me.  He went into a closet and brought out a DVD that tells of the history of Mary Mahoney's.  I thanked him and went in to find Judy who had already been seated.

Now for the best part, as memory after memory took control of my mind.  Our server, Greg, came and explained the specials of the day.  Judy had crab cakes and I had stuffed flounder.  My flounder, stuffed with crab meat, was wonderful and Judy could not stop talking about how great the crab cakes were.  But, the best was the bread pudding.  So, if you are ever down here don't, under any circumstance, not try the bread pudding, a desert that will make you beat your momma.  Needless to say, Judy and I had a great day and we had'nt even gotten to Wal Mart yet.


PS from Judy:  My crab cakes were crab meat, not all filler with a little bit of crab meat.  They were the best I have ever had and I always order them when on the coast where they are fresh, hopefully.  And, Bob failed to tell you that the choices for our lunch desert were sherbert or bread pudding and he goofed.  He ordered sherbert while I order the bread pudding.  I am not usually a big bread pudding pan but decided to take my chances.  It was absolutely scrumptous.  I had to share it with he and he soon knew what a mistake hehad made.

To make a long story short, if you are ever in Biloxi, have lunch at Mary Mahoney's French House.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Buccaneer State Park, Waveland, MS

We have been here at Buccaneer State Park since last Thursday.  It is not as quiet and serene as Twiltey but is O.K.  That is except for the bugs - nats, mosquitos, no see-ums and whatever.  Nothing seems to protect you from them.  We had a nice visit with our son and I am posting a few pictures.  Really haven't done much else.  He did take us to a restaurant called Shaggies out on the gulf in Pass Christian on Friday night.  We had a table out on the deck so the atmosphere was nice with the gulf view.  However, the food, well I thought it was a little pricey for what you got and the selection was very narrow.  The park here is nice for what they have managed to rebuild but I think a little pricey with nothing available except the campground, even tho it is full hook-up.  We are trying to look at the price as our contribution to the rebuilding of Katrina.  The town of Waveland is really sad as much of it has still not been rebuilt.  This is actually where it first touched land.  There are many home sites with nothing but a foundation and there are many damaged store fronts still not repaired or occupied.  There is a Wal Mart up on US 90 and that is the only place to buy groceries in this area.  However, the gulf coast is still beautiful.  Beach Blvd is still in the process of being repaired and there are a lot of rough spots yet.  This is the highway that actually runs along the gulf.

This morning we attended mass at a little church called St. Ann's.  It was destroyed in Katrina but they have managed to rebuild but their community is small.  They are really trying hard to get things back to normal.

Our campsite here in Buccaneer State Park in Mississippi.

Bob cooking breakfast for us on Saturday morning.
 Also had a picture of the sunset on the gulf taken from Shaggeys on Friday night but can't get it to load.  I'm definitely still learning this stuff.

Got a phone call and a text message from our property manager today.  Hope this isn't going to be a regular occurence.  Seems there is a problem with "turning off" the whirlpool and he also needed other information.  However, the house was leased effective March 1st and this is the first time we have had contact so maybe it won't be too bad.

Tomorrow we have to drive to Gulfport for DH to get his monthly blood work done so hopefully we'll get in some sightseeing as well.

Ou best to all,


Eating at Shaggeys


Just hanging out with our son, Keith

Friday, March 25, 2011

Twiltley COE Camppground

The view from my bed when I woke up Tuesday morning.

The view across from our site!

Our rig
Well here we are in Twiltley campground in Collinsville, MS near Meridian.  We arrived on Monday, 3/21, and left on Thursday, 3/24.  It is absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful and quiet.  I promised pictures and when I downloaded them, I didn't have any.  Somehow my memory card had gotten locked and although I was snapping pictures they were not being saved.  So, we lost all of our departure pictures and everything we took on Tuesday morning.  Had to start over but hopefully here are some.  And to make matters worse, on Tuesday I broke my glasses.  Luckily I had stuck an old pair (abt 6 years old) in the RV rather than throw them away.  So that is what I am trying to wear until we get somewhere to have them fixed or get to Iowa for the summer where I can get new glasses.  Although we didn't do any fishing, we are eating fresh fish.  The neighbors caught lots of fish and were nice enough to share with us.  Um, good!

We stayed here until Thursday, 3/24/11, (3 nights) and then departed for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Had a nice and safe trip and wish to thank God for it.  We are staying at Buccaneer State Park here in Waveland, MS as we couldn't find anything closer to New Orleans without actually going into New Orleans.  DH didn't think he was quite ready for that yet.  We are kind of taking it easy today after our travels but expecting our son, Keith, to come in from New Orleans this afternoon sometime.  No pictures from here yet.

Until later,

Judy (& Bob)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the Road

Well, can you believe it?  We are on the road.  After approximately 16 months it has happened.  We left Tuscaloosa yesterday around 2:30 PM.  Took us all day to get ready for our first departure.  We sure have to get faster than that.  Arrived in Collinsville, MS at Twilty Branch COE park about 5:30 PM.  We are about 10 miles north of Meridian, MS.  The park is right on a lake and it is beautiful.  There is no sewer but we only plan to stay here 3 nights before we move on to the Mississippi coast near New Orleans.

We were so busy all last week with last minute business and doctors, etc. and saying goodbye that no posting got down.  However, as long as we have internet service where we are parked, we'll be posting regular - maybe not everyday but every couple of days.  I have pictures to post but they're not downloaded from my camera yet.  Will try to get that done later today.

Bob says that "Heaven only needs to be as wonderful as the peace we found here last night after getting settled in.  Everything else will be a plus."  We thank God for a safe and pleasant trip and for leading us to our current resting place.

Later today will write more and attempt to post pictures.  Ready to go for a walk now.

Judy (& Bob)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sorry, but I forgot to welcome our youngest son, Keith, as a follower to our blog.  And, of course, we appreciate all of you other followers.  And we will soon be regular followers on a lot of your blogs.  We are already reading them spontaneously.

Keith lives in New Orleans so guess he has to follow us so he'll know when we're coming.

So, welcome all!



Well, it's been awhile again but I promise the postings will start getting more regular.  I am now unemployed!  My last day was last Thursday, March 10th, and it feels wonderful.  Especially, it feels wonderful with all we have going on preparing for our departure date.  I really cut myself short in preparation time.

To catch up, our washer/dryer combo is installed and working beautifully.  With all the negative comments I've heard, I love it.  Yes, I'm having to relearn how to do laundry but with a few adjustments and changes everything seems to be working great w/o too many wrinkles.  We have the vented Splendide and I do think having the vented model makes a big difference.  However, don't know how much we'll have sewer while traveling.  But, we'll have it all summer where we're going to be parked so it will come in handy then.

Didn't make it to CW on the day planned but we went the following Sunday after church (just a two day postponement).  We try not to shop on Sunday but when the Ox is in the ditch, you must get it out.  Didn't completely buy out the store but came close.  However, that was on March 6th, so maybe they have restocked everything since then.  We were at the Anniston/Oxford, Alabama store.

Let's see, what all else has been going on.  Bob has installed two tubes under the 5er - one to carry the collapsible ladder (CW) and one for the sewer hoses.  Our Montana model does not have a good storage area for used sewer hoses.  He has installed a chair rack on the RV ladder but we're not sure how it's going to work.  We think our chairs maybe a little too heavy.  We have organized our basement storage and I have been cleaning the inside of the RV and looking for unneeded stuff to get rid of so we can lighten our weight.  I'm sure we're fair game for the weight patrol.

I ordered a turbo cat (beater bar) for our built in intervac vacuum and it works much better now.  Also, got a Bissell little green machine for carpet cleaning.  We have a dog and the hair can be a big problem.  Her name is Berry and we got her chipped yesterday.  So, hopefully, if she disappears somewhere along the way we will get her returned.  She is our baby and we can't think of life without her.

And, I've been busy finishing up all the necessary paperwork and organization needed before departure.  We still haven't done our taxes.  Oh well, maybe somewhere in Louisiana we'll do them.  After all, we have an extra three (3) days this year as they are not due until the 18th.  But, don't think the State of Alabama is also giving us those 3 days so we're soon going to have to face the music.

We're planning for our first stop to be somewhere in Mississippi where we will "just rest" for a couple days before moving on to the New Orleans area.  We plan to spend about a week there and then start moving up the Mississippi River north with a detour over to Little Rock, ARK.  DH understands there's a great Camping World there and he's already got a new list going.  Then we plan to spend a week in the Hannibal, Missouri, area where we will not only be sightseeing but researching genealogy on DH.  Hopefully, we will arrive in the Des Moines, Iowa, area around May 1st where we will be spending the summer and workamping.

Well by now, you're eyes are burning so I'll stop for now.  Tune it again for our ups and downs.  In the meantime be praying for us!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time is Flying

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted.  So much to do and so little time to do it in.   Didn't believe I would ever say this.  The tenant is moving in our house today.  We have a property manager but there are still a lot of last minute things we're having to do.  And, don't forget that I am still working.  Or at least I'm still showing up there.  March 10th is my last day of work and we are hooking up that RV on March 21st and heading out.

We have our new washer/dryer combo but it is just sitting outside under a tarp - very frustrating.  We ordered it and the hook-up needs from CW on February 16th.  The W/D arrived on February 21st without the accessories to set it up.  Have made several calls but they didn't seem to help.  We did get an e-mail yesterday that the parts were being shipped from California that day.  We are in Alabama.  Hope they get here before we leave.

A visit to CW is on our agenda for Friday (off day for me).  DH's list is long so hope we have some money left to travel on once we leave there.  Trying to get all needed doctor's appointments in before our departure date and other pertinent things that need to be done.  I can't believe we sat here for 15 1/2 months waiting and now we feel totally overwhelmed.  Oh well, it will all work out.

This is enough for now.  Just thought I would give a status update.