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Sunday, May 29, 2011

We're Still Alive!

In case you've been wondering, we are still alive.  Just working alot of hours as the park is shorthanded right now.  They are short about 50 to 75 workampers this year so they're having to fill in with local students who are just now getting out of school.  We started to work here last Saturday, May 21st.  Last Saturday and Sunday we just worked our regular shifts for now from 1:40 PM until 6.  And then, came Monday and the double shifts.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we worked what is called a double shift which is 9:40 AM until 6:00 PM.  You work 4 hours on one ride and then change to your regular ride at 2:00 PM.  Friday finally came and we were OFF.  Believe me it was none too soon. This Saturday and Sunday, the PM shift is working 1:40 until 9:00 PM.  Tomorrow the PM goes back to the 6:00 PM ending time but we'll probably we asked to work doubles again.  Hopefully not, we're tired.

Judy (me) took a bad fall yesterday.  I fell into the log fume river while the logs were moving and the belt was turning.  I've got to start remembering that I have a "bum" foot/ankle and can't do everything other people can do when it comes to my foot.  I scared everybody to death that was working with me but I'm O.K. except for being sore and bruised in several places.

To make matters worse, I already had a sore arm with a big bruise from working on the Sky ride.  I'm just a mess!

Bob has been working the Galion and operating it by himself.  We've also worked the Sky lift during the morning and I've ran the kiddie ride, "Red Baron".  He has also assisted on the "Silo".  I worked on the roller coaster ride called the "Dragon" one morning but it was down for maintenance so all I did that morning was sit on a park bench by the entrance and tell people it was closed for now.  I'd like to have another morning like that one.

So, there's not much going on with us right now.  We're planning to try to do some more sightseeing on our next day off.  We had to catch up our shopping this past Friday and I had to get a hair cut.  I won't need one of those again for awhile.  She scalped me.  I literally look like a man.  Won't go there again.

However, we are still enjoying ourselves and loving the RV lifestyle.  Will try not to go so long before posting again.

Later, Judy


  1. Wow, glad you are alright. Be careful!

  2. I enjoy following your blog, especially at Adventure land. We workcamp in the summers and are considering working there next year.