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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunburned in Iowa!

Yes, I have gotten myself sunburned in Iowa.  It did get hot.  Monday and Tuesday were extremely hot and we went to the baseball game on Monday which started at 12:04 PM and I got sunburned.  Had on a baseball cap but that wasn't enough coverage.  And on top of that the Iowa Cubs lost the game:  8 to 1.  Yes, the New Orleans Zephers beat the Iowa cubs by 7 runs.  Surprised I haven't heard from my youngest son who lives in New Orleans.  Thanks, Keith, for not rubbing it in.

But, today it is raining and I think the temperatures are supposed to drop back down a little bit but thanks for a couple days of warmth.  Last Saturday we attended the Tulip festival and had a good time.  The only dutch food we ate were two pastries from the bakery - pig in a blanket and a dutch letter.  Bob liked both but I didn't care for "pig in a blanket" but the "dutch letter" was delicious. 

This week is kind of slow as far as our work goes.  We got our beginning assignment yesterday.  On the 21st & 22nd, we will be working 1:40 to 6:00 PM.  Have orientation and training all next week before we start along with a tour and a big supper with all the food furnished by Adventureland.  It's O.K. cause Bob's medical stuff needed to be done this week.  He had his Pro Tyme done yesterday and we're still waiting on the results.  Then tomorrow he has to find a land line phone and call in his ICD report.  Plus, we went shopping yesterday for our work shoes - found some at Bass Pro Shop. This was much better than having to drive in to Des Moines.  His blood work was also done here by a walk-in clinic who didn't require that we see one of their doctors. 

Not much going on that would be interesting to read about.  We're very comfortable here and close to everything we need.  The Adventureland Campground sits between the Adventureland Amusement Park and a casino & horseracing track.  No, we haven't been over there yet.  We're doing good and everything is going well.  Will try to share some pictures in a few days.

Later, Judy

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