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Friday, August 26, 2011

Amana Colonies

Yesterday we drove the approx. 80 miles to the Amana Colonies.  This is a group of 7 villages which were German communes.  They hold the record for the longest lasting communes in the U.S.  They owned 25,000 acres of land and were a religious group which migrated from Germany. 

The history there is very interesting but we were disappointed in the existing villages - no longer communes but stock holder owned.  They have become more or less tourist traps like other tourist areas with the same stuff being sold in their stores and wineries.

We did have a great German lunch at Ronnie's which is one of the original German communal kitchens.  However, it has been upgraded and decorated to appeal to the tourist.  I had saurbraten served with kraut, pan fried potatoes and the best green beans I have ever eaten.  I had a luncheon platter but it was enough to feed a horse.  Bob had a German sandwich with french fries.  He wasn't as daring as I.  We ate at Ronneburgs and I have a picture below. 

We mainly visited the main colony of Amana but drove thru 5 of the others with a stop in Homestead.  We actually only missed one colony - East Amana.

We took the interstate over but came back on old US Highway 6.  We wanted to see east Iowa as it realy was.  That being, one corn field after another with an alfalfa field occasionally thrown in.  I am amazed at how neat and clean the farms are.  Nothing like we are used to in Alabama.

The architecture in the colonies was interesting and we enjoyed seeing the old buildngs that are still there.

When we got home, we stopped at "The Big Steer" and picked up ribs to go.  Oh was it delicious.  I bet I gained 10 pounds yesterday.  Today, we have done not much of anything.  I put out fealers for a winter and a summer camp host or workamping job.

Well that's about it.  We will be working the next two days so won't post again until Monday.


Ronnieburg's Restaurant in Amana

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We made it!

Yes, we made it thru the 13 weeks of daily operations at Aventureland Park.  We are down to weekends only now.  There were times when we didn't think we would make it so think long and hard before you commit to a summer here.  August 21st ended the daily park hours and were we glad to get to stop working 6 days a week.

Our last day of work here will be Sept. 25th and we will be leaving the next day, Sept. 26th - at least sometime that day.  We are hoping to do a little sightseeing now that we have time.  Tomorrow Bob and I are planning a day trip to the Amana Colonies, if all goes well.  Next week we are going to the Omaha Zoo on a bus trip sponsored by Adventureland.  In between we are trying to catch up on stuff that is way behind.  I actually defrosted the freezer and cleaned out the refrigerator today.

A couple of weeks ago, we actually went over to the park as guests (free to us).  Rode two or three rides but mostly had corn dogs and a funnel cake.  We did take a few pictures so they are posted below.  We won't be posting again until Friday, so enjoy.

Later, Judy

Bob by the river!

Geese & ducks in the river!

Street scene by the river!

Here comes the train!

Balloon Ride

One of the many ponds