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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain, rain, rain!

Yes, I'm complaining about the weather again.  It has rained and rained and rained here.  We have a beautiful campsite and can't take advantage of it.  It's either raining, too cold or both.  Hence, we have taken no pictures.

We have been busy since my last post.  Monday, we met with the main person over the Shelby County, MO, historical society.  We did get a lot of info from her but I haven't had time to decipher it all.  Tuesday, Bob had to have a Pro-Tyme blood test so we drove to Hannibal to the hospital there.  That was the closest place to have it done.  So, spent the day in Hannibal - went to Grandlawn Cemetery, ate lunch at Mark Twain Diner for the second time (ate there Saturday also), went to Wal Mart and got haircuts as well as did some shopping and got gas at Murphy's with a gift card to save 3 cents per gallon.  Today, we have been busy cleaning - me inside and Bob outside.  This was really past due so decided it was time to lay low and do some cleaning.  Hope to do the same tomorrow. Don't want to arrive in Des Moines behind with everything.

Sunday, we will be leaving for Altoona, Iowa, outside Des Moines.  And, we are supposed to have thunderstorms here.  That will make for a great travel day.  Don't mean to sound so down but I'm tired of rain and cold weather.

That's about it for now,


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  1. I sure understand. The weather has been WET! Right now heavy rains, flooding, and t-storms. No tornado warnings in our county, but some surrounding. Yikes!