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Saturday, February 25, 2012

White Sands

Well hello everyone.  We finally made the trip out to White Sands Monument.  Oh was it worth the time.  It was one of those things that you cannot describe.  It has to be seen to feel the impact of all those sand dunes - in the desert no less.  One of the locals told me that they have the prettiest beach in the US, just no water to go with it.  Actually, it is not sand, but gypsum (the stuff sheetrock is made of).  However, it has been blown so much by the wind that it is so fine in the dunes that it really feels like sand.  And it goes on for miles and you see the mountains in the background between dunes.  It's just amazing.  We took a lot of pictures but like most wonders of the world, they don't start to do justice to the sight.  It was totally overwhelming.  Will try not to bore you but here are some pictures:
Sign at the beginning

Front of the Visitor's Center
Starting our drive

And farther
Bob in front of the boardwalk trail!

Looking Back down the boardwalk
Another boardwalk view

Bob walking back to our truck.

Another boardwalk view

The pavement has ended as we go farther into the mounds

And farther

In the circle starting back

Another picture from the circle.  The head of a 2 mile trail.
We didn't take it.

So far this has been the highlight of our trip.  And, can you believe we only have 4 more weeks left here before we start back to Tuscaloosa.  It'll be over before we know it.

Later, Judy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disappointment - son's visit cancelled!

Well, no pictures last week.  We absolutely did nothing but cleaning and shopping.  Of course we worked our two days on Friday and Saturday.

Our youngest son was supposed to fly out Saturday to spend the weekend with us but his flight got cancelled due to bad weather.  They had a later flight for that day but it was already booked so his trip got cancelled.  We were sure disappointed.  Had planned to go back to the Mexican Restaurant with him that we had been taken to the week before.  And, we were going to White Sands on Sunday afternoon.  So, we had hamburgers for supper and napped Sunday afternoon.

Planning on going to White Sands tomorrow if nothing happens.  Our time is drawing short here and there are lots of things still to see and do.  Will take pictures to put on our next post.

So, we really have nothing to write today.  Just wanted to stay in touch with everyone who follows us.  And soon, we'll be traveling again.  We're looking at March 20th for our departure date.

Until later with pictures,


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy Week

We've had a real busy week but took no pictures.  Besides cleaning our living area carpet, we went to two musseum.

On Tuesday afternoon we visited the Otero County Museum located at the Visitor's Center and by the Chamber of Commerce.  It was a real nice free little museum which covered some of the history of this area.  Old timers called it inhabitable - the land of cracked skin - with nothing here but cactus and rattlesnacks plus no water.

Then Thursday we went to the New Mexico Space Museum.  It tooks us four hours to do it all including the IMAX theatre and the Planetarium show.  It was all really nice.  The museum is four stories with lots of space history - lots of it taking place right here in southern New Mexico. At the IMAX theatre  they were showing the documentary, "Everest".  It was about a group of people climbing Mt. Everest.  Personally I think they were a little crazy.  Then we also saw the Planetarium show on the planets.  Everything was all very good.  There is alot of outside exhibition stuff which we didn't really have time to explore.  I guess we'll have to go back another day and do that.  You can see this stuff without having to pay again.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Then last night, the owners of the park here took us out to eat at a very nice Mexican restaurant.  We ate things we had never had before.  The food was very good and the evening very enjoyable.  James and Cindy are really great people and if you're ever out this way stop and spend a night or two with them - Boot Hill RV resort between Alamogordo and Tularosa.

It is hard to believe that our time is almost half over here.  And our list of things to see and do is still very long.  However, we do not believe that the dry climate here agrees us.  We're actually missing the humidity back east.  We both have fingers cracked open and they're sore.  I have my right thumb and that makes it difficult to type.

So, until next time ----


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sitting Still

Well, we're sitting still and it's kind of nice.  We didn't do any sightseeing this week so their really isn't much to write about.  We kind of just stayed home - Judy did some cleaning and Bob did some repairing.  Living full time in an RV is just like living in a house.  They have to be cleaned and there is always something that needs to be fixed.  But, oh how we love the freedom of having our home on wheels.  We are actually working today as our days are Friday and Saturday.  There are 3 workamping couples here and we each do two days with the office being closed on Sunday.  That tells you something about the owners.  They're really nice and this is a great, clean park.

There are so many things out here that we want to see and do that we are having a hard time setting our priorities to be sure we get the most important things in before we leave.  However, we will be here until the latter part of March.  We may just have to toss a coin each week.  Weather permitting, I think we are going to go to White Sands this next week on our day out.

I've got to share that I woke up this morning thinking about those dreary, all day rainy days in Alabama.  Sure wish we could have one of those here.  I'd love to wrap up in a blanket, stay inside and read all day.  It just doesn't rain here.  I think we have had one rain in a month and it was at night.  Water is precious here in the basin.

The phone is really ringing with people checking on availability.  Looks like I'm going to get really busy this afternoon.  They'll probably all arrive at 5:45 and the office is supposed to close at 6:00.  Oh well, the business is good.  Maybe we'll fill up the park tonight.

Guess I better stop and start getting myself prepared for what appears is going to be a rush.

Later, Judy