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Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing at Last!

Well, yes, we are playing some at last.  The park closed daily operations on August 21st so have only been working weekends since.

After Amana Colonies which is a previous post, we went to the Omaha, Nebraska Zoo on a chartered bus with other Adventureland Workampers.  It was a long trip but we enjoyed it.  However, we thought the food was a little expensive.  Two hamburgers with fries cost us $20.00 inside the zoo.  After we left the zoo we went downtown to the "old market district" where we split up and had dinner.  The group we ate with ended up at a restaurant called "Stokes".  Again, we thought it a little pricey except for the $2.99 margaritas which most of us indulged in.  After all, no one was driving.  Here is a picture of the group and also of Bob enjoying himself.  Sorry about the pictures being a little blurred.

Part of the group.  That's our HR Manager at the end.

Bob is having a good time!
 Then, we went with the Adventureland group sponsored trip to Prairie Meadows, a horse racing track across from our campground.  We had the enclosed trackside pavillion ad they served us Hamburgers or Brats with Potato Salid, Baked Beans and all the trimmings.  We even had our own private wage taker.  I even got to be in a picture at the Winner's Circle.  Bob and I didn't do so well with our bets.  Horse race betting is not for us.  It was quarterhorse racing and I learned that the reason they are called quarterhorses is because they run for a quarter of a mile.  Anyway it only cost us about $20.00 so not bad for an evening out.  Sorry, but I don't have any pictures.

Today, Bob and I drove over to Winterset, Iowa, where we found 5 of the 6 covered bridges that are still standing.  These are "The Bridges of Madison County" book and movie.  We really enjoyed it but they all looked just alike except for their length and their surroundings.  We also found the "Stone Schoolhouse" which was build in the 1800's.  For lunch we went downtown to the Northside Cafe (across from the courthouse) wich was built in 1876 in the same location it is still operating.  The food was not good.  Or, at least what we ordered wasn't.  Maybe we ordered the wrong things.  Anyway, our recommendation is if you ever get there just to go by and see the cafe and find somewhere else to eat.  If all the food was like ours how have they suvived all these years.  And, we also rode by the "Birthplace of John Wayne".  Really had a great day.  Below are some picures which we took.

Cedar Bridge

John Wayne's Birthplace

Hogback Bridge

Cedar Bridge w/Bob

Power Supply for lights at Hogback Bridge

Hogback Bridge

Holliwell Bridge

Front & Entrance to Northside Cafe

Inside of Northside Cafe

Roseman Bridge W/ Bob exiting
Stone Schoolhouse

Bathroom at Stone Schoolhouse

Street in downtown Winterset

Imes Bridge

Roseman Bridge

In between having fun, we have been busy cleaning and repairing and getting ready to "Hitch-up" probably on Sept. 27th.  It's cold here.  The high today was in the low 50's so it's time to go south.

Later, Judy