So follow our travels from "The Beginning" until now "wherever that may be".

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We're Still Alive!

In case you've been wondering, we are still alive.  Just working alot of hours as the park is shorthanded right now.  They are short about 50 to 75 workampers this year so they're having to fill in with local students who are just now getting out of school.  We started to work here last Saturday, May 21st.  Last Saturday and Sunday we just worked our regular shifts for now from 1:40 PM until 6.  And then, came Monday and the double shifts.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we worked what is called a double shift which is 9:40 AM until 6:00 PM.  You work 4 hours on one ride and then change to your regular ride at 2:00 PM.  Friday finally came and we were OFF.  Believe me it was none too soon. This Saturday and Sunday, the PM shift is working 1:40 until 9:00 PM.  Tomorrow the PM goes back to the 6:00 PM ending time but we'll probably we asked to work doubles again.  Hopefully not, we're tired.

Judy (me) took a bad fall yesterday.  I fell into the log fume river while the logs were moving and the belt was turning.  I've got to start remembering that I have a "bum" foot/ankle and can't do everything other people can do when it comes to my foot.  I scared everybody to death that was working with me but I'm O.K. except for being sore and bruised in several places.

To make matters worse, I already had a sore arm with a big bruise from working on the Sky ride.  I'm just a mess!

Bob has been working the Galion and operating it by himself.  We've also worked the Sky lift during the morning and I've ran the kiddie ride, "Red Baron".  He has also assisted on the "Silo".  I worked on the roller coaster ride called the "Dragon" one morning but it was down for maintenance so all I did that morning was sit on a park bench by the entrance and tell people it was closed for now.  I'd like to have another morning like that one.

So, there's not much going on with us right now.  We're planning to try to do some more sightseeing on our next day off.  We had to catch up our shopping this past Friday and I had to get a hair cut.  I won't need one of those again for awhile.  She scalped me.  I literally look like a man.  Won't go there again.

However, we are still enjoying ourselves and loving the RV lifestyle.  Will try not to go so long before posting again.

Later, Judy

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This lifestyle is great!

Well, here it is Tuesday night in Altoona, Iowa.  Not alot going on. We did our weekly shopping today and Bob bought materials to make me a portable clothesline.  If you leave your wearing clothes in the combo washer/dryer until they are completely dry they are wrinkled.  So we take them out and hang them before they finished drying.

The only thing I can say about this lifestyle is we love it!  I feel like a different person without all the stress of a "real" job and a "stix & bric" house.  What took us so long to decide we could do this.  We've met all kinds of people with varied backgrounds and job histories.

On Saturday, we actually start to work.  I, Judy, will be an assistant operator on the log flume.  I guess that means I probably will have a wet afternoon.  Sure hope the weather is warm.  Bob will be operating the Gileon.  We understand that is a big boat replica that swings back and forth.  We understand that we change rides every week.  Tomorrow we actually will tour the entire park and see everything.  Afterwards, there is a big dinner for all the workampers put on by the park.  All we have to do is "enjoy".  Then Thursday we will actually have our training for the rides.  That's an all day affair.

I might add that we have been offered jobs for the Christmas season at in Kentucky.  We'll start sometime in November and work thru December 23rd.  I understand it's hard work so hope we'll be able to handle it.  Afterwards we'll just travel for the next 3 or 4 months somewhere that's warm.

I want everyone back in Tuscaloosa, AL, to know that we are praying for them and hope that people are starting to recover from the disaster.  It's amazing that at most of the churches we have attended on our journey, the tornado victims in the south are being remembered in prayer.  It really softens your heart to know that people all over care about what happened.  We will be back there in October and I know things will not look the same. 

For you who are aware of Bob's health problems, I want to add that last week he had blood work and it came back good and then he had to transmit his Internal Cardiac Defibilator history for the past 5 weeks and there was nothing bad that showed up.  Absolutely no problems had occurred and his fluid levels were good.  God is with us on this journey!

One thing we're having to get used to here is it doesn't get dark until 9:00 PM or after.  Supper time and bed time just slip up on us.  It's taking some getting used too.  But it allows us to enjoy the outdoors longer.  I guess that's about all I can think of to say.

So, I'll see you later!


P.S.  Still promise to take some pictures here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunburned in Iowa!

Yes, I have gotten myself sunburned in Iowa.  It did get hot.  Monday and Tuesday were extremely hot and we went to the baseball game on Monday which started at 12:04 PM and I got sunburned.  Had on a baseball cap but that wasn't enough coverage.  And on top of that the Iowa Cubs lost the game:  8 to 1.  Yes, the New Orleans Zephers beat the Iowa cubs by 7 runs.  Surprised I haven't heard from my youngest son who lives in New Orleans.  Thanks, Keith, for not rubbing it in.

But, today it is raining and I think the temperatures are supposed to drop back down a little bit but thanks for a couple days of warmth.  Last Saturday we attended the Tulip festival and had a good time.  The only dutch food we ate were two pastries from the bakery - pig in a blanket and a dutch letter.  Bob liked both but I didn't care for "pig in a blanket" but the "dutch letter" was delicious. 

This week is kind of slow as far as our work goes.  We got our beginning assignment yesterday.  On the 21st & 22nd, we will be working 1:40 to 6:00 PM.  Have orientation and training all next week before we start along with a tour and a big supper with all the food furnished by Adventureland.  It's O.K. cause Bob's medical stuff needed to be done this week.  He had his Pro Tyme done yesterday and we're still waiting on the results.  Then tomorrow he has to find a land line phone and call in his ICD report.  Plus, we went shopping yesterday for our work shoes - found some at Bass Pro Shop. This was much better than having to drive in to Des Moines.  His blood work was also done here by a walk-in clinic who didn't require that we see one of their doctors. 

Not much going on that would be interesting to read about.  We're very comfortable here and close to everything we need.  The Adventureland Campground sits between the Adventureland Amusement Park and a casino & horseracing track.  No, we haven't been over there yet.  We're doing good and everything is going well.  Will try to share some pictures in a few days.

Later, Judy

Friday, May 6, 2011

Arrived at Adventureland Campground

Hope spring has arrived for you.  Well for us it has been slow.  We arrived here at Adventureland Campground in Altoona, Iowa, last Sunday only to find more cold weather and extreme wind.  It has really been cold until yesterday when it finally warmed up a little bit and then today it has been beautiful with a high in the low 70's.  However, late this afternoon the wind has picked back up.

Spent most of the week getting settled in and then attended a WK potluck supper last night.  It was very nice and we met a few other couples.  This morning then we had to attend our WK Welcome meeting and learn all the rules.  We got our name tags this morning and our uniforms as well as met with the supervisor of rides.  If we keep up this walking we should lose some weight.  Hope!  Hope!

This afternoon we visited with the couple next door and just caught up some busy work like posting on this blog.  Sorry it has been so long.

Tomorrow, we plan to travel to Pella, Iowa (yes, Pella windows) and attend their Tulip festival and then Monday we will be going to a picnic lunch at the ball park and watch the Iowa Cubs play New Orleans.  Of course, Sunday we will attend church.

The campground here is really nice and we can get packages and mail here with no problem.  And we have not only good internet and phone service but Bob had no problems setting up the satellite dish so we also have good TV.  Just like in a stick house.

Hopefully I will soon be able to get out and take some pictures to post so you can see where we are, etc.  So, until later,