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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work Accident

O.K.  We promised to get back to posting more often.  So, here we are.

Bob got banged up in a work accident last Sunday night.  He was working on the sky lift unloading riders when a 7 year old little girl riding alone didn't listen to her instructions.  As she got off the chair she went right but after her chair had gotten by decided to run across the turn around area of the ride right in front of an incoming chair.  So Bob and his co-worker took off after her and were both knocked down by the ride.  The little girl was saved but both of them suffered injuries.  Bob was the lucky one as he was knocked out of the path of the chair but did sustained an ugly skinned up knee.  The other knee was skinned as well as an arm and shoulder pain.  But he is O.K.  His co-worker was knocked unconsious and remained unconsious for several minutes as he was knocked down in front of the ride and it went over him.  He was hauled off by an ambulance.  He did suffer a concussion but was just treated in the ER and released with a list of things to watch for.

Yesterday was our off day, so we did go to the casino for breakfast but didn't hang around.  We left.  Bob had been at the doctor's office for fasting blood work prior to breakfast so we pigged out with the food.  It's very good there and so cheap.  For seniors it is only $4.50 each and that includes our coffee as well as Bob's orange juice.

We both got hair cuts as we were tired of the shaggy dog look, stopped at a vegetable stand and then Wal Mart.  At the veg truck we bought fresh "Grimes" sweet corn, a large cantalope grown here in Iowa as well as some tomatoes.  We ate some of all of it for supper last night.  Sure was good.  Bob had been craving an Alabama vegetable plate.  Wasn't quite that but good anyway.  Haven't seen any okra here nor back-eyed peas.  Did find some yellow squash at Wal Mart but no idea where it was grown.  And bought black-eyed peas frozen by "McKenzies".

I spent some time last night visiting with our next door neighber.  We work different shifts and in different departments so we seldom see each other.  Spent about an hour last night sitting out and catching up - At least she and I did.  Sure was nice.  They are full timers from Oklahoma.

This morning we've been lazy.  Fixing to eat lunch  and start getting ready for work.  We work 3:40 PM till 9:00 PM.  It's overcast here today so hope it stays that way.

Hope all is well out there in "reader land".  Later,


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