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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rain and Cold

Well folks it has rained for the last two days.  Yesterday it rained continuously without a break.  And today, although there is some sunshine it is cold.  There is some wind and it just cuts right thru you.  I had to walk the dog earlier so I experienced it.  She may get a very short walk tonight.

Bob is still not working.  We are still waiting for the doctor's form to be sent back to Amazon.  With any luck, it will get finished up this afternoon.  Let's hope, hope hope!  And let's also hope the doctor doesn't mess him up.  If he doesn't get to work we may need to find out how to apply for foodstamps.  Anybody know?  No, I'm kidding.  We'll make it but we'll sure have to tighten the belt.  We put 4 new tires on the rig last month and our RV/Truck insurance is due the first part of January.  Between the two, money is taking a bit hit.

Not much going on right now.  I'm off today.  I work 4 five hour shifts with 3 days off.  This is my 3rd day so it's back to work for me tomorrow.  Then Sunday, I will start to work 4 ten hour shifts with 3 days off.  That will last until overtime kicks in and then it will be 5 ten hour shifts with 2 days off.  Oh well, need the money as I already explained.

So long for now.  Hopefully will get some pictures taken eventually.  I think I'm going to pick up a good book and start to reading.

Later, Judy

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