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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Well everyone I swear I did a post since the last one showing.  Guess I didn't.  Well the parts did arrive and we got our RV fixed good as new.  It was done at Sunshine RV and Trailer in Sheperdsville, KY.  They really went out of the way to make sure we met our date at Amazon.  We got there on a Monday and left there on Saturday.  And, they did really good work.  So, if you other RVers are passing thru there and need some work done, stop by and visit them.  They did us right.  We even parked in their parking lot while we there. 

So we actually arrived in Campbellsville 6 days early but that's better than late.  This extra time gave us a chance to get "home" set up and rest a little.  We did make a day trip up to Bardstown, KY and visited with Bob's sister, neice and her husband.  It was a Sunday so we went really early and went to church at the Bascilica there.  It sure was pretty and we had a good service experience.

On Nov 7th we started with Amazon.  They had a "meet and greet" for us that day along with sandwiches and other refreshments.  We met other workampers starting with us, got our shift and department assignments and learned our schedules, etc.  Then the next day we spent the day in orientation and safety school.  On Wednesday, we did job training - both in the classroom and on the floor.  Thought things were really going well. However, they have strict security here when you leave the building so if you have any metal implants you have to apply for a waiver for the metal detector.  Well, Bob has an Implanted Cardiac Defibilator so he gave them his verification card for them to copy, etc.

On Thursday, we went in to work and were promptly escorted to the HR office.  They are all worked up because he has a heart defibulator and they're afraid he shouldn't be working in their warehouse environment.  He's not operating a welder or a weedeater so there really isn't a problem.  Guess this is something they are not familiar with.  Anyway, they sent him back home and wouldn't let him work.  They supposedly faxed a form to his doctor in Tuscaloosa for completion and when they get this back a determination will be made as to whether he will be allowed to work.  So right now, it is just me working and it could end up being that way for the time we are here.  Needless to say, he is upset.

We are staying at Heartland RV Park and can see Amazon from it.  Therefore, the plan is to walk back and forth to work like we did at Adventureland.  So far, the park has had one covered dish supper which we attended and met some other people and we stayed and played "Card Bingo".  It was our first time to ever play this game but we had a lot of fun and laughs.  They are planning a Thanksgiving dinner for us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The park will be furnishing the turkey and all the eating supplies with each camper bringing a dish.  They're even having two serving times to accomodate everyone - both night and day shifts.  We're on night shift so our time to eat will be at 3:30 PM.  Yum, Yum, Good!

The weather here is a little chilly and I have a feeling it is going to get colder.  Not exactly the 72 degrees we said we were going to maintain.  We understand that last year they had snow and an ice storm while the workampers were here.  There's also been a lot of wind since we've been here.  Bob said the wind here is jut preparing us for the wind in New Mexico when we get there - blows all the time.  We should be there sometime between Jan 5th and Jan 10th.  Will have to go back thru Tuscaloosa on the way for Bob to see his cardiologist.  These doctors can be a problem sometimes. 

Well, not much else to say.  There's really not alot going on.  Will keep you informed about what happens between Bob and Amazon.



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