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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Buccaneer State Park, Waveland, MS

We have been here at Buccaneer State Park since last Thursday.  It is not as quiet and serene as Twiltey but is O.K.  That is except for the bugs - nats, mosquitos, no see-ums and whatever.  Nothing seems to protect you from them.  We had a nice visit with our son and I am posting a few pictures.  Really haven't done much else.  He did take us to a restaurant called Shaggies out on the gulf in Pass Christian on Friday night.  We had a table out on the deck so the atmosphere was nice with the gulf view.  However, the food, well I thought it was a little pricey for what you got and the selection was very narrow.  The park here is nice for what they have managed to rebuild but I think a little pricey with nothing available except the campground, even tho it is full hook-up.  We are trying to look at the price as our contribution to the rebuilding of Katrina.  The town of Waveland is really sad as much of it has still not been rebuilt.  This is actually where it first touched land.  There are many home sites with nothing but a foundation and there are many damaged store fronts still not repaired or occupied.  There is a Wal Mart up on US 90 and that is the only place to buy groceries in this area.  However, the gulf coast is still beautiful.  Beach Blvd is still in the process of being repaired and there are a lot of rough spots yet.  This is the highway that actually runs along the gulf.

This morning we attended mass at a little church called St. Ann's.  It was destroyed in Katrina but they have managed to rebuild but their community is small.  They are really trying hard to get things back to normal.

Our campsite here in Buccaneer State Park in Mississippi.

Bob cooking breakfast for us on Saturday morning.
 Also had a picture of the sunset on the gulf taken from Shaggeys on Friday night but can't get it to load.  I'm definitely still learning this stuff.

Got a phone call and a text message from our property manager today.  Hope this isn't going to be a regular occurence.  Seems there is a problem with "turning off" the whirlpool and he also needed other information.  However, the house was leased effective March 1st and this is the first time we have had contact so maybe it won't be too bad.

Tomorrow we have to drive to Gulfport for DH to get his monthly blood work done so hopefully we'll get in some sightseeing as well.

Ou best to all,


Eating at Shaggeys


Just hanging out with our son, Keith

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  1. Sounds like you're on your way to that full time life..good luck!