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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time is Flying

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted.  So much to do and so little time to do it in.   Didn't believe I would ever say this.  The tenant is moving in our house today.  We have a property manager but there are still a lot of last minute things we're having to do.  And, don't forget that I am still working.  Or at least I'm still showing up there.  March 10th is my last day of work and we are hooking up that RV on March 21st and heading out.

We have our new washer/dryer combo but it is just sitting outside under a tarp - very frustrating.  We ordered it and the hook-up needs from CW on February 16th.  The W/D arrived on February 21st without the accessories to set it up.  Have made several calls but they didn't seem to help.  We did get an e-mail yesterday that the parts were being shipped from California that day.  We are in Alabama.  Hope they get here before we leave.

A visit to CW is on our agenda for Friday (off day for me).  DH's list is long so hope we have some money left to travel on once we leave there.  Trying to get all needed doctor's appointments in before our departure date and other pertinent things that need to be done.  I can't believe we sat here for 15 1/2 months waiting and now we feel totally overwhelmed.  Oh well, it will all work out.

This is enough for now.  Just thought I would give a status update. 


  1. Not too long now!! I keep thinking how far we have to go still, and realize how fast time does go. We need to get a 'punch' list going...

  2. Wow - only a little over a week until you start your great adventure. Best wishes as you hit the road.

  3. You're right, it will all work out. :-) It can get really hectic at the end, but remember, the end of this means the beginning of your dream.

    Good luck, we'll see ya down the road,

    Jim and Linda

  4. You are almost there!! We have 2 and a half years left and I know that will go fast too!! Good luck getting everything together in the next three weeks. :)

  5. Yay, how exciting! I can't wait til hubby and are at that place. Hope your W/D issue gets resolved quickly. Can't wait for your next update!