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Friday, March 25, 2011

Twiltley COE Camppground

The view from my bed when I woke up Tuesday morning.

The view across from our site!

Our rig
Well here we are in Twiltley campground in Collinsville, MS near Meridian.  We arrived on Monday, 3/21, and left on Thursday, 3/24.  It is absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful and quiet.  I promised pictures and when I downloaded them, I didn't have any.  Somehow my memory card had gotten locked and although I was snapping pictures they were not being saved.  So, we lost all of our departure pictures and everything we took on Tuesday morning.  Had to start over but hopefully here are some.  And to make matters worse, on Tuesday I broke my glasses.  Luckily I had stuck an old pair (abt 6 years old) in the RV rather than throw them away.  So that is what I am trying to wear until we get somewhere to have them fixed or get to Iowa for the summer where I can get new glasses.  Although we didn't do any fishing, we are eating fresh fish.  The neighbors caught lots of fish and were nice enough to share with us.  Um, good!

We stayed here until Thursday, 3/24/11, (3 nights) and then departed for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Had a nice and safe trip and wish to thank God for it.  We are staying at Buccaneer State Park here in Waveland, MS as we couldn't find anything closer to New Orleans without actually going into New Orleans.  DH didn't think he was quite ready for that yet.  We are kind of taking it easy today after our travels but expecting our son, Keith, to come in from New Orleans this afternoon sometime.  No pictures from here yet.

Until later,

Judy (& Bob)


  1. What a beautiful site! Can't wait to be somewhere like that..

  2. Good to see yer not into hikin' at the moment. With a memory like yer a talkin' about in yer blog, it'd take a nigh on miracle fer to remember where yer trailor was if ya got to far a way from it. :)