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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, it's been awhile again but I promise the postings will start getting more regular.  I am now unemployed!  My last day was last Thursday, March 10th, and it feels wonderful.  Especially, it feels wonderful with all we have going on preparing for our departure date.  I really cut myself short in preparation time.

To catch up, our washer/dryer combo is installed and working beautifully.  With all the negative comments I've heard, I love it.  Yes, I'm having to relearn how to do laundry but with a few adjustments and changes everything seems to be working great w/o too many wrinkles.  We have the vented Splendide and I do think having the vented model makes a big difference.  However, don't know how much we'll have sewer while traveling.  But, we'll have it all summer where we're going to be parked so it will come in handy then.

Didn't make it to CW on the day planned but we went the following Sunday after church (just a two day postponement).  We try not to shop on Sunday but when the Ox is in the ditch, you must get it out.  Didn't completely buy out the store but came close.  However, that was on March 6th, so maybe they have restocked everything since then.  We were at the Anniston/Oxford, Alabama store.

Let's see, what all else has been going on.  Bob has installed two tubes under the 5er - one to carry the collapsible ladder (CW) and one for the sewer hoses.  Our Montana model does not have a good storage area for used sewer hoses.  He has installed a chair rack on the RV ladder but we're not sure how it's going to work.  We think our chairs maybe a little too heavy.  We have organized our basement storage and I have been cleaning the inside of the RV and looking for unneeded stuff to get rid of so we can lighten our weight.  I'm sure we're fair game for the weight patrol.

I ordered a turbo cat (beater bar) for our built in intervac vacuum and it works much better now.  Also, got a Bissell little green machine for carpet cleaning.  We have a dog and the hair can be a big problem.  Her name is Berry and we got her chipped yesterday.  So, hopefully, if she disappears somewhere along the way we will get her returned.  She is our baby and we can't think of life without her.

And, I've been busy finishing up all the necessary paperwork and organization needed before departure.  We still haven't done our taxes.  Oh well, maybe somewhere in Louisiana we'll do them.  After all, we have an extra three (3) days this year as they are not due until the 18th.  But, don't think the State of Alabama is also giving us those 3 days so we're soon going to have to face the music.

We're planning for our first stop to be somewhere in Mississippi where we will "just rest" for a couple days before moving on to the New Orleans area.  We plan to spend about a week there and then start moving up the Mississippi River north with a detour over to Little Rock, ARK.  DH understands there's a great Camping World there and he's already got a new list going.  Then we plan to spend a week in the Hannibal, Missouri, area where we will not only be sightseeing but researching genealogy on DH.  Hopefully, we will arrive in the Des Moines, Iowa, area around May 1st where we will be spending the summer and workamping.

Well by now, you're eyes are burning so I'll stop for now.  Tune it again for our ups and downs.  In the meantime be praying for us!


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  1. Judy,

    Not to downgrade Camping World (I presume that is what "CW" refers to), but even with their "membership" prices, they are more expensive. I guess the biggest issue would be the convenience.

    As for attaching things to the ladder of your Montana, be very careful. Some have spoken of loads on the ladder breaking off or tearing up the ladder because of the motion at the rear of the RV's.

    Now that you are free to travel, I'm looking forward to where you end up going.