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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mary Mahoney's Old French House Restaurant

March 28,2011, yesterday, I took a very long step back in time.  About forty-two or three years ago in 1968 or 1969, I met a delightful gentleman, a retired Pastor from Biloxi, Mississippi, Father Mullin.  Father Mullin pastored at a most unique church building (at that time).  A building of which he oversaw the construction.  A huge structure totally round, with a domed roof and with stained glass windows that are three stories tall all around.  A sight to behold!  A church well known around the world because of news coverage it received.  St. Michaels has survived the ravages of hurricane Camille and near total destruction from Katrina.  It appears the Archangel is still defending.

Thru Father Mullin I met a person who was a member of his parish in Biloxi, Mississippi when she delivered to him in Pompano Beach, Fla., a brand new bright green Chevrolet automobile as a retirement gift for his long and devoted service to his parish.  Mary Mahoney was also the owner of one of the best known seafood restaurants on the gulf coast, Mary Mahoney's Old French House.  Yesterday, Judy and I visited St. Michael's and sadly it was locked and we could not enter the church.  We did take some pictures of the outside and if coaxed I have other stories to tell about St. Michael's and Hurricane Camille.

We also paid a visit to Mary Mahoney's.  The doors there were not locked and we were treated like "kinfolk" and to my surprise and delight it was the same old place with Mary's family members taking care of business.  As we entered I asked the Bartender if the Mahoney family was still involved with the restaurant and he said yes as he turned toward the restaurant entrance.  This is Bob, Mary's Son, coming to greet you.  I gave Bob the short version of what I've just given you and he then excused himself saying he was late for a golf game but had something he wanted to give me.  He went into a closet and brought out a DVD that tells of the history of Mary Mahoney's.  I thanked him and went in to find Judy who had already been seated.

Now for the best part, as memory after memory took control of my mind.  Our server, Greg, came and explained the specials of the day.  Judy had crab cakes and I had stuffed flounder.  My flounder, stuffed with crab meat, was wonderful and Judy could not stop talking about how great the crab cakes were.  But, the best was the bread pudding.  So, if you are ever down here don't, under any circumstance, not try the bread pudding, a desert that will make you beat your momma.  Needless to say, Judy and I had a great day and we had'nt even gotten to Wal Mart yet.


PS from Judy:  My crab cakes were crab meat, not all filler with a little bit of crab meat.  They were the best I have ever had and I always order them when on the coast where they are fresh, hopefully.  And, Bob failed to tell you that the choices for our lunch desert were sherbert or bread pudding and he goofed.  He ordered sherbert while I order the bread pudding.  I am not usually a big bread pudding pan but decided to take my chances.  It was absolutely scrumptous.  I had to share it with he and he soon knew what a mistake hehad made.

To make a long story short, if you are ever in Biloxi, have lunch at Mary Mahoney's French House.

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