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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pendleton Bend COE Campground

Well our Converter did come in this past Monday and Bob got it installed on Tuesday.  And, bingo, we "saw the light".  Sure was nice to get everything working again.

Now, we are in Pendleton Bend COE Campground outside of Dumas, AR.  We drove from Wesson, MS to Dumas, AR all in one day yesterday.  It's a little more than we desire to drive in one day but decided we needed to get some miles behind us and it wasn't too bad.  And, our budget needed some relief after being in State Parks with full hookups for the last 13 nights.

This is a beautiful little park on the Arkansas River with only 31 campsites.  Of course, being COE, there is no sewer and I might add, no AT&T Cellphone service.  However, our Verizon internet seems to be working great.  We  really don't have too much to say yet since we haven't been here 24 hours and haven't taken any pictures.  I might add here that we added to our 4-1-11 post and put in a couple pictures so you might want to go back and take a look.

Today we accomplished one of the medical items that made going on the road full time a little bit of a problem, we thought.  But, all went well.  Bob has an Internal Cardiac Defibilator and we must use a land line phone every 5 weeks to call in to his doctor's office a report.  It is a toll free number so there is no phone charge.  So, this morning we took his little transmitter box and went down to the gate office and asked.  Well, the answer was yes, and we went in and Bob used their phone line and electric plug in and transmitted his report.  It does not interrupt their phone calls but their phone calls will interrupt his transmission and he will have to start over.  Even that didn't happen.  Bob was kind of unsure whether it went or not because he didn't get a finish light.  So we drove about 4 miles down the road in a few minutes to see if we had phone messages but their were none.  We just proceeded to call the doctor's office to check if it went thru.  Not only did they have it but had  us hold on while the report was read and gave us the results right then.  This saved us from having to drive the 4 miles again this afternoon to get the report which they would have left on our cell phone. 

So see folks, you can full time with serious health issues.  It just takes a little courage and a lot of "stupidity".   But, we know that God is traveling with us and with him holding our hand we have faith that everything will work out.  So, is that really "stupidity"?  We don't think so.


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