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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Updates and Pictures as Promised

Nothing going on since my last post.  Just getting ready to travel as we will be leaving here on March 27th - two weeks from today.  However, now the weather is beautiful.  It began yesterday and is supposed to last all week.

Oh well, here are some of the pictures from Bob that I promised to post.  I'll do the ones from Three Rivers first.  I'm sure it'll take more than one post to get them all in so will do Valley of Fires on a later post.

The road into Three Rivers looking at Sierra Blanco

Rocks with Drawings

Judy climbing up the ridge looking at t he stones.

A close up of some of the rock drawings

What are Petroglyps?
History of the Three Rivers Sight

Judy climbing up the ridge of rocks
Judy  on the rock trail
Looking back down at the entrance to the Ridge

More Drawings

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