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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Fractured!  Yes that's the outcome on Bob's wrist.  They X-rayed it again this past Tuesday and the verdict was that he did have a fractured bone in his wrist.  The doctor thinks everything looks good and that it will heel satisfactorily without putting it in an actual cast.  He has to continue to wear a stablizing splint and not use the wrist - no lifting or pulling, etc.  He can use the fingers but very lightweight.  We have to go back to have it X-rayed again on Monday, Mar. 26th.  The doctor wanted him to come on Tuesday, Mar. 27th, but we explained that was leaving day so he'll be going on Monday afternoon.  Let's hope all is healed so we don't have to locate another orthopaedic doctor in Tuscaloosa when we get back there to continue his care.  Oh well, life goes on!

We had a bad sand storm yesterday.  They are something to experience.  The wind blew hard and it was full of sand.  The visibility was only about one mile and that's not much here in the desert of Tularosa Basin.  The Sacramento mountains are only about 2 miles away and we normally have a beautiful view of them.  We literally could not see them yesterday.  It is still very, very windy today buy at least the sky is clear.  And you can breathe without inhaling sand.

We have done  no sightseeing this week so there's really nothing to tell about.  I did our taxes and am very proud of me.  I used Turbo Tax and not only did the federal but all three of the state returns I needed to do.  There's only one of the state returns that I'm a little leary about and that is Kentucky.  They do not allow non-resident returns to be e-filed and some of the questions asked in regards to that return were not clear.  I guess I'll find out how I did sooner or later.  Bob worked (one-handed) on the auxillary fuel tank he is trying to get installed on the truck before we leave.  Coming out here we came across a section of Texas desert where we really got paranoid about running out of fuel and of course there's no phone service in those areas either.  We're wondering about getting that new Wilson adapter for the truck before we leave here.  Better get on with it if we're going too but haven't priced one yet to see if that makes one prohibitive..

We ask everyone to please continue to Pray for Bob's arm to heal and for us to stay focused on our purpose - seeking God's will in our lives as we travel these United States.

So long for now!


P.S.  Still haven't received pictures from Bob to post showing last week's journeys.

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  1. We will pray for healing for Bobs arm and for safty for y'all as you travel.
    I saw your comment on church community in "RV Dreams" forum and noticed that you were from Tuscaloosa. We are the "Dream Reachers" under that same topic and we lived near Montevallo before we went full-time. Our home base is the Birmingham area. We came back to B'ham so Jeanne could have her jaw operated on this last Thurs. We have been volunteering on a church build in Hurley Ms.
    God bless,
    Allan & Jeanne