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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bob's Fall

I know I promised to post at least once a week but last week was kind of helter-skelter.
Last Saturday, Feb. 25th, abt 6:00 PM, just before closing the office, Bob took a tumble off the porch down the steps (5) to the ground.  I saw him fall and it scared me to death.  Luckily I was able to help him get up and he went on to finish his last chore before going home.  He skinned up the left side of his face and hurt his left wrist along with breaking his hearing aid in his right ear.  It cracked all the way around.  So, he did tumble hitting both sides as he rolled down the steps.

We spent Sunday afternoon in the Emergency Room in the local hospital here and the doctors there thought his wrist had a fractured bone in it.  They put a splint on it to stabilize it and told him he needed to see an orthopaedic doctor.  He really suffered with it until we saw the doctor on Tuesday morning.  It was swollen really bad and the doctor said he had a lot of arthritis in the wrist which he had severely aggravated.  Due to this he could not make a decision on whether or not there was a fracture.  He put a brace on his wrist and wants him to go back this coming Tuesday for another Xray after the swelling has subsided.  So, I guess we'll find out Tuesday if it is fractured.  However, Bob told him right up front that we were leaving here in 4 weeks which will be 3 weeks on this coming Tuesday.

Yes, its hard to believe that our time here is almost over.  Life here is quite different but we are ready to get out of the wind and find some humidity. 

While he couldn't do much of anything else, on Wednesday we went out sightseeing to see some of the places we hadn't gotten to yet.  We went up to the "Three Rivers" monument.  It is located on BLM land about 25 miles north of here and is where they have tons of drawings on the rocks which were done by the Indians over 600 years ago.  It was quite interesting and we did about half of the climb and walk thru these rocks.  Coming back down off the ridge, it was Judy who fell this time.  She stepped down on loose gravel and sat down on a rock.  Most of all it just hurt her pride but she did have a sore butt the rest of the day as well as torn pants.  After that we drove on up to Carizozo about another 20 or 25 miles to visit the Valley of Fires which is also on BLM land.  Here there are acres of volcanic rock which just erupted up out of the ground for about 225 square miles.  There was no volcano - the lava just started bubbling up and they think it continued for about 30 years.  Here they had a nice 3/4 mile paved walk out over some of this lava rock.  Then, we stopped in Carizozo on our way home and ate supper.  All in all we had a nice day.

I didn't have my phone out with me because my pants didn't have a pocket so no pictures.  Bob did take a bunch so if and when he gets around to sending some of them to me I'll post them here for everyone to see.  Things are hard to visualize unless you have something to base things on.

Well that's about it.  Please Pray for his doctor's visit Tuesday that he will get a good report.



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  1. Sorry to hear about Bob's tumble - hope the Dr. gives him a good report on Tuesday!!