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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disappointment - son's visit cancelled!

Well, no pictures last week.  We absolutely did nothing but cleaning and shopping.  Of course we worked our two days on Friday and Saturday.

Our youngest son was supposed to fly out Saturday to spend the weekend with us but his flight got cancelled due to bad weather.  They had a later flight for that day but it was already booked so his trip got cancelled.  We were sure disappointed.  Had planned to go back to the Mexican Restaurant with him that we had been taken to the week before.  And, we were going to White Sands on Sunday afternoon.  So, we had hamburgers for supper and napped Sunday afternoon.

Planning on going to White Sands tomorrow if nothing happens.  Our time is drawing short here and there are lots of things still to see and do.  Will take pictures to put on our next post.

So, we really have nothing to write today.  Just wanted to stay in touch with everyone who follows us.  And soon, we'll be traveling again.  We're looking at March 20th for our departure date.

Until later with pictures,


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