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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hospital! Hospital! Hospital!

Well folks here we are over a month later still sitting in Tuscaloosa, AL.  There will be no Wisconsin as we had to give up our contract with the Corps of Engineers.  Bob did get his defibilater changed out due to dying batteries on April 19th in time for us to meet our work start date.  However, 3 days later, he had a heart attack and that changed everything.  They did another heart cath while he was in the hospital and things don't look good for the future.  Got lots of decisions to be made.  We know we're going to have to modify our travels a little bit but still want to live in the RV and move around some.

On May 9th, he ended back up in the hospital with an infection which kept him in the hospital for a week.  He came home yesterday but is still very weak.  So will sit where we are for another two weeks (that'll make 2 months) and then decide if we want to move the RV to another park in the area.  On the good side here is 2 of our 3 children came home during this time.  It sure was nice to see them.

Judy's tooth could not be saved so she had dental surgery between Bob's second and third hospital stays.  I am also having some back problems so have been trying to go to physical therapy.  However, with a bone spur, arthritis and scoliosis it looks like I am just going to have to learn to live with it - good days and bad days with short travel days.

And now on to our dog, Berry, we learned that she is now suffering with kidney insufficiency.  That means lots of pills for her and a special diet.  Oh well, she is 13 years old so guess it is time for some health problems to start appearing.

I really don't mean to be so depressing but that's just the way things have been since returning to T-town.  However, we know God is in charge and he will take care of things.  We definitely are trying to keep a positive attitude knowing that things will work out for the best.

We would appreciate your Prayers.

Later, Judy & Bob

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  1. You've got the prayers from me. I've been checking your blog every day because you aren't on RV Dreams much either. Sorry to hear that all of you are having problems.