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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cloudcroft, NM

We are settling in here and beginning to feel at home.  Our work is not hard and it's only 2 days per week.  And, Judy is not busy all day so she can carry our paperwork, etc., into the office with her so that saves on what she has to do when off.  She just has to be there in case someone comes in.  So she now has a new laptop and is portable with her computer.

Thursday we rode up to Cloudcroft.  It is up in the mountains east of us and is at just over 8000 feet high.  The trip up and back was breathtaking at times.  And, I say that in more ways than one - the view and looking down over the side of the mountains from the truck.  There was snow up there and it is only 16 miles up  from Alamogordo.  We took a bunch of pictures but they're not downloaded yet.  Soon, I'm going to shock  everyone and do a posting of just pictures taken since we have arrived here.

We have mountains on both sides of the basin here - part of the Rockies.  I was not aware they came this far south but they do.  The ones to the east which are actually in our back door are called the Sacramento Mtns.  Of course these are very rocky and barren but when you get way up there, many are covered in evergreen trees (and snow).  When we were up there this week, we could see the white sands between us and the mtns. on the west side which are a little farther away.  We can stand outside our RV and see mountains in both directions - east and west.

Life is great,


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