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Monday, February 7, 2011

How'd we get here?

Well it's been a few days since we first started this blog.  Promised to tell you how we got to where we are. Travel has always been our desire and we thought we would travel the U.S. in an RV once we retired. As we  camped off and on all our lives, we dreamed of retirement and the freedom to go and come as we desired.  We started out camping in a tent for several years, then bought a small travel trailer followed by four motor homes.  The children could probably share some good stories about all this, but, you see, they are now gone and on their own (all 3 have camping tents) and we are now empty nesters.  As the children grew and we aged,  Bob's health gave way.  First came "open heart surgery" followed by a second "open heart surgery (13 years apart) and then congestive heart failure and many other problems.  Slowly our dream faded away and we reconciled ourselves to staying pretty much put and just visiting the kids on occasion.  We felt like we were tied to his medical care. 

We bought our empty nester retirement home - a small garden home on a small lake.  It is a beautiful place with lots of nice sunsets and windows across the back that look out on the lake and the woods on the otherside.  It had a nice covered porch on the back and we carefully selected rocking chairs to sit in back there.  BUT, unknowing to ourselves, the RV travel bug was still festering down deep inside somewhere and on a Saturday morning, November 14th, 2009, Bob and I were sitting around having a "pity party" when he suddenly looked at me and asked, "would things be different if we sold this home and full time RV'd"?  I was dumbfounded and suddenly found myself saying yes.  But then, I soon said we can't and at that point we started listing all the reasons we could not full time in an RV and one by one we ruled each one out with a solution.  You see, Bob takes blood thinner and must have a blood test at least once a month and he also has an implanted cardiac defibilater which has to call in a report once a month on a LAND LINE phone.  But, on that day a dream was reborn.  We decided we could die sitting there in our recliners (or rockers on the back porch) or we could travel and see our great country and possibly die somewhere along the way.  The question was "which would we rather do?".

We'll post the next chapter in this decision in a day or two.  Thank you for reading our story.


  1. Bob and Judy,

    It is great that you have seen fit to see more of this great country. I agree that if I'm going to "sit around" that it will be under the awning of an RV instead of a back porch with the view seldom changing.

    So long as both of you are in agreement with your decisions, GO FOR IT!! Also, you can do more in God's service with meeting new people all the time and letting them see how you live as a child of God.

    Best of wishes from Jo and I, who are also RV Dreams followers.


  2. This is a good entry. It inspires me to write on my blog "Where do you want to die?" Seriously, you guys have decided to live your life to the fullest each day. That's what life is all about. Our prayer for you is that you enjoy each day and squeeze it to the last drop.